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See How Schools Can Easily Reduce IT Spend by 30%-50%

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With the end of the year nearly upon us, more and more schools are starting to look at their budgets, and the ever-challenging question of ‘How can we get more for less?’ gets asked again. Especially where IT is concerned, it is important to have adequate equipment in your school, not only to keep the children active but also to satisfy the demand for IT and Technology that will inspire and nurture their needs. It is also crucial to ensure the software the school is using is modern and effective. This, of course, encompasses the security of the school network and can ensure that both the children and the school are fully protected. How Are Schools Saving Money on IT? CloudZen Partners presents a refreshingly different service for schools and one that helps you to save money, rather than asking you to spend it! Yes, it is true. For no cost whatsoever, the team at CloudZen Partners offer to review your current IT spend, analyzing your current IT outlay, and finding ways to help you can save money. In most…

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