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CloudZen Partners: The Trusted Partner for Comprehensive HiTRUST Compliance and Certification Services

In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the security and compliance of sensitive data is crucial for businesses. The Health Information Trust Alliance (HiTRUST) has developed the HiTRUST CSF (Common Security Framework) to provide organizations with a standardized, efficient way to manage security and compliance, particularly within the healthcare industry. CloudZen Partners, a leading service provider in the industry, offers a comprehensive solution for organizations seeking to achieve HiTRUST compliance and certification. With a client-focused approach, CloudZen Partners helps businesses navigate the complexities of HiTRUST and supports them throughout the entire process.

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Comprehensive HiTRUST Consulting Services with CloudZen Partners

As an experienced HiTRUST External Assessor, CloudZen Partners is uniquely qualified to assist organizations in implementing the HiTRUST CSF and appropriate assurance levels to meet internal and external stakeholder needs. CloudZen Partners offers various services to help organizations in their HiTRUST journey:

  1. HiTRUST Basic, Current-state (bC) Assessment: This assessment provides higher reliability than other self-assessments and questionnaires by using the HiTRUST Assurance Intelligence Engine™ (AI Engine) to identify errors, omissions, and potential deceit.
  2. HiTRUST Implemented 1-Year (i1) Validated Assessment: Recommended for situations that present moderate risk, this “best practices” assessment is threat-adaptive with a control set that evolves over time to deliver continuous cyber relevance. CloudZen Partners also provides services to assist customers with the HiTRUST i1 Readiness Assessment.
  3. HiTRUST Risk-based, 2-Year (r2) Validated Assessment: This gold standard risk-based and tailorable assessment provides the highest level of assurance for situations with greater risk exposure due to data volumes, regulatory compliance, or other risk factors. CloudZen Partners also provides services to assist customers with the HiTRUST r2 Readiness.
  4. HiTRUST Interim Assessment for r2 Certification: Organizations with a HiTRUST Risk-Based, 2-year (“r2”) Validated Certification Report will need to perform an r2 Interim Assessment at the one-year mark to keep their certification valid.
  5. HiTRUST Bridge Assessment for r2 Certification: This allows organizations to earn a bridge certificate to maintain their HiTRUST Risk-based, 2-year (“r2”) Certification Report for an additional 90 days, even if their assessment submission due date is missed.

Potential Benefits of Partnering with CloudZen Partners

By choosing CloudZen Partners for your HiTRUST compliance and certification journey, your organization can enjoy several benefits:

  • Provides various assurance options to meet your organization, partner, and client needs.
  • Serves as a competitive differentiator relative to security and privacy.
  • Reduces efforts required to respond to third-party requests to demonstrate security posture.
  • Demonstrates commitment to managing risk, improving security posture, addressing compliance requirements, and being adaptive to common cyber threats.
  • Uses a single HiTRUST CSF framework, which harmonizes multiple standards and authoritative sources.

Why Choose CloudZen Partners for HiTRUST Compliance and Certification?

CloudZen Partners offers a comprehensive approach to HiTRUST services by providing an array of solutions to help your organization implement the HiTRUST CSF, including readiness assessment, remediation support, and validated assessment with certification. In addition to being Certified CSF Practitioners (CCSFP), CloudZen Partners’ consultants are all certified security professionals averaging 12 years of experience. They perform hundreds of assessments annually and help organizations in all sectors and vertical markets worldwide implement effective cybersecurity and risk management practices.


In a world where data security is more critical than ever, HiTRUST compliance and certification serve as crucial benchmarks for organizations handling sensitive health information. CloudZen Partners, with their comprehensive solutions and vast experience in the field, is the ideal partner to guide your organization through the HiTRUST compliance process and certification journey.

By partnering with CloudZen Partners, you can rest assured that your organization’s security posture will be strengthened and aligned with industry best practices. Their personalized, client-focused approach guarantees that your unique needs and challenges are addressed, simplifying the HiTRUST process and ensuring that your organization is well-prepared for compliance and certification.

Don’t let the complexities of HiTRUST compliance and certification hinder your organization’s success.
Reach out to CloudZen Partners today and embark on a smoother journey towards securing your sensitive data and upholding industry standards.
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