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Nowadays, companies have chosen to put their computing as well as networking equipment in a very secure and redundant data center instead of placing it in their office where bandwidth, power, and space is costly and limited. In addition, a purpose-built data center offers the required security, redundancy and safeguards that businesses need. It can be challenging to select the correct Data Center for a business. The most important items to put into consideration include power, geography, compliance, as well as access to Cloud platforms. Among the country’s top Data Center advisors is the CloudZen team and can assist make easier the procedure of designing as well as acquiring a Data Center solution. Their thorough consultative approach assists in identifying the technical needs of a business for Colocation and Cloud Services success.

CloudZen Partners will:
  • Carry out a comprehensive finding into how a Data Center as well as managed hosting approach can profit your business.
  • Discover and comprehend what problems can be solved through implementing a managed hosting approach or a Data Center.
  • Evaluate the business requirements and needs of a company in relation to geography, power, space, compliance, security, and network.
  • Comprehend the support level required of the Data Center to assist in managing the environment. Determine what Cloud Services are supposed to be retrieved from the Data Center and suggest a migration strategy.

Determine which Data Center suppliers are able to deliver the required solution and discuss pricing and terms on behalf of the client. We get premium pricing and terms from all the leading colocation Data Center providers around the world like Equinix, Flexential, Viawest, Tierpoint, QTS, Zayo, NTT Communications, Digital Realty, Coresite, Rackspace, Level 3, 365 Data Centers, Telehouse, At&T Data Centers, Netrality Properties, Global Switch, Cyxtera, Cyrusone, KDDI Data Centers, Dupont Fabros Technology, China Data Centers, and more.

Procuring Datacenter Colocation Solutions to Open New Ways of Success!

Offering exceptional Data Centers collocation facilities, CloudZen has received many queries from our clients regarding this extremely important topic. Businesses often hear that collocation solutions are the best to meet a business’s constantly changing IT requirements. Some also believe that it is an investment that can cause both benefits and loss.

Now you might be wondering that collocation solutions are good for your business or not. It may sound beneficial to have an in-house server that would act as your personalized data center. The problem is that such servers cannot meet the demands of complex applications used to complete core business procedures nowadays. Companies often push the in-house data center to its limit and face a huge loss if it fails. That’s why Colo Datacenters is offering you an opportunity of finding a suitable datacenter for all the demands of your business.

Choosing a right solution for your business:

The data center services cost a considerable amount. It is important to choosing a right service provider and move in. In case you pick a wrong data center service, its cost and the moving out cost would be quite expensive. There are a few important things you must consider to pick the best data center according to your business demands.

  • First consider your business goals:

Many SMBs pick the Data Centers by considering their present needs. They do not focus on where they would move in the future. Determine your business demands and invest in the future. For example, you should consider things like going to a high-density environment, transiting to the cloud, and utilizing managed data services.

  • Focus on the business and IT requirements:

Another important you must consider while choosing the data enter collocation providers is what your IT requirements are. Whether you will replicate the data or not and whether you will need additional data center locations while replicating the data or not, these are important things to determine.

  • What is the roadmap for your company’s growth plan:

We recommend the best data center services that help you in scaling the space and power. It offers you a facility of moving in any direction you plan in the future.

Colo Datacenters lets you choose the best service available for your business. Therefore, we help our clients and visitors in understanding what they actually need. It is obviously daunting to find the right data center to meet the needs of your business. Our experts are top skilled in this field and they guide our clients to get the best solutions for their needs.


We assure you the following benefits with our support:

Colocation solutions are quite beneficial for any size business organization. It comes with the following advantages:

  • Colocation solutions are quite beneficial for any size business organization. It comes with the following advantages:
  • No waste of money because you won’t pay extra for powering, management, and maintenance of the servers.
  • Our suggested data centers offer 24-7 monitoring and maintenance support.
  • Your data will be secure because it will be safeguarded within highly secure walls of the best data center.

You must think about collocating the data centers because that is the wisest decision you can take to increase the profit and reduce the expenses.

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