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Intrado has built a best in class portfolio of solutions for the enterprise over the course of our 30 years of industry leadership.

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Conferencing and collaboration reach audiences anywhere, anytime from any device with conferencing and collaboration tools that unify all modes of business, communication, voice, visual and virtual global network access. Intrado global network access service, also known as GNA, delivers multisite bridging by a dedicated IP connectivity, a single global dial in numbers that drives a consistent experience with uniform call flow and optimized audio quality audio conferencing. InterCall Reservationless plus is a world’s most ubiquitous on demand audio conferencing service backed by the industry’s only globally deployed voice conferencing network integrates with web conferencing solutions for streamlined management of meetings and events. InterCall reservationist plus with Dolby voice. Intrado unified communication services and Dolby laboratories have partnered to bring the exceptional sound quality and voice clarity of Dolby voice to the world’s largest conferencing dedicated network InterCall Reservationless plus with Dalby voice delivers the highest quality audio experience across the largest and most comprehensive conferencing cloud.

Stunningly clear audio please like it. Fine and it’s well great to have you. Why don’t we go ahead and get started? Exceptional voice clarity and detail while suppressing distracting noise and to end HD audio helped words come through clearly while carrying lifelike richness and nuance. Dolby noise reduction makes conversations distraction free by suppressing unwanted ambient sounds such as background conversations. All street noise, natural conversation. Special voice separation makes it easier to identify who is speaking by presenting each person’s voice from a distinct virtual location. Full room voice capture on the Dolby conference phone from Intrado picks up even quiet voices from anywhere in the room where 360 degree and long range coverage InterCall operator assisted audio conferencing. Ensure the success of your highest profile event with the industry’s most reliable reservation based conferencing service. Our global operations centers are on standby 24 seven with live multilingual expert operators and support professionals.

Intercourse, direct event audio conferencing. Get the speed of an automated call entry while leveraging the support of expert operators to moderate and execute your high profile events. InterCall ECC combined Reservationless plus audio conferencing and an all IP network connection via Maxus. Now together as enterprise connectivity, conferencing or ECC, reduce operating costs, capital investment, and it support requirements while providing a continuous path for upgrades, ECC link, improve the audio quality of your Microsoft Lync meetings, Intrado UCS enterprise connectivity conferencing platform, ECC link, combining both PSTN and VoIP participants on a single call for a truly integrated link meeting experience. Integral four Hangouts, combine Reservationless plus with Google plus Hangouts to receive a global PST and dial in number set with capacity for up to 150 participants in the meeting without the need for Google call credit. Cisco WebEx cloud connected audio powered by Intrado UC brings the best of Intradoview C and WebEx together in the cloud. This conferencing solution for WebEx connects customers to a Cisco collaboration cloud data center by Intrado UCS dedicated parent connections.

Collaboration is shifting to simplified software and endpoint connections. Telephony is shifting from telco providers to EUCAST providers and the enterprise needs solutions that enable interoperability across legacy and current systems between internal users and external customers, across networks and between fixed and mobile devices. At Intrado, our mission is clear, keep the enterprise connected globally with easy to use and reliable unified communications and collaboration solutions, including unified communications services, interactive services, safety services, specialized agent services, telecom services. Nine of the 1410 89 of the fortune 184% of the fortune 500 all leverage Intrado corporation. We partner with strategic technology providers to provide integrated solutions that result in market leading products that bring added value and opportunities to our customers and we’re recognized by market watches and influences for it.

How do you need to improve connections? Regardless of the endpoints, we help you get there because we know that making better connections is not the end. It’s truly the beginning.

Network services value added solutions.

Max’s network monitor, optimize the [inaudible]. It’s of your network by easily managing hardware, circuits and villains. Run utilization reports for all network infrastructure elements, control performance and fault management with the ability to customize thresholds and alerts, monitor and manage the performance of applications and service. Max secure aggregate a powerful set of technologies into one simple and scalable cloud based solution that provides you with complete enterprise network protection by putting security in the cloud. Max secure protects your network from spam and viruses, unauthorized intrusions, and inappropriate web content while providing easy security policy management and eliminating single points of failure or bottlenecks common to premises based security solutions. Network pairing [inaudible] Intrado’s managed enterprise network solution maxes allows on network access to various pairings with a network presence are the world's largest collocation facilities. Max’s connects by a public pairings at an internet exchange point to other businesses and service providers to shorten the internet path taken by critical business traffic to deliver faster, higher quality and more defendable connection to those services.

Disaster recovery.

Define the policies and procedures that guide how voice traffic will be handled during any form of outage. With an integrated suite of cloud-based call control and unified communications tools and shoring and unprecedented level of survivability to Avaya, Cisco, or Microsoft solutions deployed at enterprise locations worldwide. Single sign on SSO Intradowell design, implement and support your deployment of single sign on SSO slash SAML 2.0 enterprise authentication for Cisco unified communication solutions, including cloud-based offerings like WebEx meeting center and WebEx connect server virtualization and storage waste office server virtualization consulting on new early stage production and large enterprise implementations.

Video conferencing, video bridging and Hans your meetings with reliable and high quality face to face communication keeps stakeholders engaged while leveraging Intrado’s latest bridging innovations, cloud-based video conferencing, host high quality video meetings in partnership with blue jeans Intrado. Do you see extends the reach of video conferencing beyond specialized rooms. Connect business and consumer video conferencing endpoints, Cisco collaboration meeting rooms. Cisco CMR builds on Cisco’s industry leading Cisco telepresence video conferencing and WebEx meeting center data sharing capabilities to offer excellence in business quality video. It provides a smooth video, audio and web conferencing experience and can scale to accommodate hundreds of participants. Intrado video meeting gateway leverage Intrado. Do you sees cloud as an interoperability gateway or external B2B gateway to make calls between your legacy room systems, Microsoft link and Skype for business video managed services.

Let Intrado you see, manage your bridges. Schedule your conference rooms and provide dedicated personnel to support usage. Monitor calls and maintain equipment, video conferencing, value added services, video equipment, net Intrado assist you in purchasing the right equipment to maximize your video conferencing strategy. Superior quality global video networks. Intrado’s partner network gives you always on access to a secure network. We will enterprises standard high definition or telepresence video connections worldwide. Public room rentals Intrado makes it easy to host and participate in virtual meetings with access to more than 9,000 public video conference rooms in almost every major city worldwide training and development courseware that gives you the knowledge and skills to effectively operate video conferencing equipment.

Managed voice services from hosted vote PBX services and sip trunking to a variety of cloud contact center solutions. Leverage the benefits of UCAS backed by a Intrado’s support infrastructure, managed voice expertise, experience expertise and exceptional service Intrado’s experience in delivering hosted services combined with industry leading solutions and a customer centric approach provide a unique advantage to our customers. Voice max and max connect voice max drive the costs of voice communications down while providing end users with advanced features that enhance accessibility, mobility and productivity. Give it administrators access to tools that deliver an unrivaled degree of flexibility and control.

Max connect. Max connect incorporates flexible IP and TDM trunking options for your own site. PBX delivered over virtually any MPLS network. Realize the economic benefits of network convergence and eliminate the need for local PSTN gateways and costly PRRS voice. Max C E. improve enterprise collaboration and efficiency with voice max C E which includes the Cisco hosted collaboration solution HCS platform as a hosted voice service voice max C E drives down costs over on premises.

PBX is supports various communication methods, integrates with other business applications and can be customized for users based on their role and needs.

Intrado cloud contact center Intrado cloud context, take control of call routing across the enterprise with sophisticated contact center functionality. Intrado cloud contact ensures that incoming callers reach the resources best able to meet their requirements the first time every time. Intrado cloud contact pro, a complete inbound, outbound and blended agent contact center solution that offers multichannel communications feature rich and highly scalable. Intrado cloud contact pro include CRM integration, workforce management options, and ongoing success management.

Intrado cloud contact CE offers a Cisco based approach that blends well with existing Cisco environments and voice max CTE cloud contact CE is designed for large enterprises and there’s options for workforce management and quality monitoring assurance. Waste cloud call recording provides insight and analytics throughout the customer experience. Cloud call recording software include screen and voice recording, quality monitoring, customer surveys, and the PCI compliance module, the safe, secure credit card transactions over the phone, voice services, value added solutions, hybrid deployments. A Intrado deployment team will facilitate a UC transition at your speed with hybrid solutions incorporating on premises IP PBX investments and sip trunking. Cisco expressway expressway provides a secure VPN, less connection for Cisco Java clients on external networks, enabling collaboration from any user’s location, improve your enterprises, bring your own device security by keeping personal devices off the corporate network while providing access to the resources your teams rely on, such as instant messaging presence, unified voicemail, extension to extension dialing and office PSTN access.

You see exchange and Federation with UCX change or unique USI and social media Federation service organizations can find, connect and collaborate with partners, customers, and suppliers regardless of the UC platform. They are using training and adoption and sure, the successful deployment of unified communications technologies including conferencing, messaging, and voice applications. Intrado training and adoption modules are designed to promote rapid acceptance and adoptions. Max’s application aware network deliver realtime communications, centralized applications, and cloud based services across the enterprise with intelligent application based routing, sophisticated management max. This represents an unprecedented performance and full visibility into performance and a single MPLS solution.

Web conferencing, InterCall unified meeting five, also known as U M five hosts collaborative and productive working sessions with you. And five our flagship web conferencing tool, but integrated Reservationless plus audio conferencing and multipoint HD video web conferencing partner solutions, Adobe connect offered by Intrado. You see, captivate your audience with interactive online meetings and virtual classroom experiences. Cisco WebEx meeting center provided by Intrado, you see meet with people around the globe with the world’s most adopted web conferencing tool. Cisco WebEx event center provided by Intrado. You see manage every event phase from a single console from the planning to event execution to post event followup and engagement. Cisco WebEx support center provided by Intrado USI enabled technical support teams to transfer issues between reps, gather system information and remotely diagnosed desktop issues. Cisco WebEx training center provided by Intrado TUC. Deliver live interactive training sessions, share presentations, software and websites. Test and poll your participants and hold breakout sessions.

Skype for business offered by Intrado UC. Facilitate nimble and efficient connections through messaging I M link video calls or web meetings within any Microsoft office application. Integrated Reservationless plus audio conferencing gives you advanced call control and enabled external participants to join from nearly any device value added web conferencing solutions. Cisco Java provided by Intrado UC integrates presence, enterprise grade, instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, VoIP, Cisco, IP telephony, and more on a single secure platform. Cisco spark creates a place for teams to work together and stay connected to the work they produce. Bark virtual rooms are as easy to start as sending an email and deploys on any device. Cisco spark hybrid ad core control directory services and scheduling capabilities to voice and video calling to Cisco spark in the cloud by combining voice max C E with spark. Microsoft office three 65 takes business to the cloud by combining familiar office desktop apps with business cars, email, shared calendars, instant messaging. I am video conferencing and file sharing. Users will have enterprise grade productivity tools for a predictable monthly cost on a simplified licensing plan with no upfront infrastructure investments.

Webinars and enterprise streaming from global town halls, lead generation webinars and virtual trade shows to regional product launches on demand training and virtual HR recruiting Intrado’s webinar and enterprise streaming solutions that you reach key audiences with messages that resonate webcast essentials designed to bring the reach of webcasting to everyday marketing and communications professionals with a self service module. Users have access to all the features, metrics, branding and registration controls to schedule and host professional webinars on the fly. Webcast essentials plus is a budget conscious hybrid option designed for the user that only needs the most essential webinar features without comprehensive webcasting functionality. Webcast pro webcasting pro is a full service content marketing solution designed to support one too many broadcasts. I deal with the sales and marketing campaigns, town halls and corporate conferences, training and E learning programs and investor relations. If aunt organizes and hosts create and manage and registration micro site that tracks hits registrants and attendees.

Collective partnership in partnership with collective waste minimizes the impact of bandwidth consuming video webcasts on your enterprise network through cloud based solutions and the power of software defined networking, virtual event and learning environments. But jewel event and learning environments. Streamline content delivery, lower production costs and maintain a continuous engaged presence. Promote brand awareness, expand market reach and accelerate sales. Conduct trade shows, product launches, job fairs, and any event in a customized branded environment. Intrado corporate tube. Transform the way employees work. Learn and collaborate. Launch your own internal secure video portal, the training, knowledge sharing and corporate communications to deliver greater productivity and cost savings. Count your partnership Intrado corporate Chu was created in partnership with video platform developer culture. The platform utilizes culture is open source video technology to allow users to create and share video from any device to any device. Onsite event capture, give events perpetual shelf-life with onsite event capture, digitally capture live conference breakout sessions to syndicate content in real time or for on demand playback event registration.

Publish our U M five WebEx, Adobe connect, webcasting audio only in person and on demand event types. Online. Manage registration and reporting aspects of your event campaigns through an intuitive interface customized to reflect your enterprises. Branding and messaging, professional webinars and enterprise streaming services. Intrado events, specialists support every step in the process of event planning and execution, including all logistics before, during, and after. Four polished delivery of your webcasts and virtual events, web events, services, let Intrado you see handle all your event needs. From consultation and scheduling to training and support from pre event planning, rehearsals and presentation uploads to live moderation and Q and a management to post events, support and event analytics reports managed.

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