Get the Best SOC Cyber Security Solution Tailored To Your Business

Leverage the power and convenience of a leading SOC as a service to efficiently protect your business against cyberthreats
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If SOC providers are overwhelming you with too many options about the best Security Operations Center solution for your business, we offer you a lean, efficient, convenient, and effective way of having the perfect SOC Cyber Security Solution suited for the specific characteristics and requirements of your business.

Our SOC Procurement Services help your business in 7 steps:

1. Assets Discovery and Report

We examine your business’s unique features and valuable assets to protect.

2. NIST Vulnerability Assessment

We go over all the cybersecurity weaknesses and challenges of your business to determine the threats to address.

3. In-Depth Examination

This process includes having 10 hours with our Cloud Security Engineers to ensure the diagnosis is 100% accurate.

4. RFP and Negotiations

We thoroughly and efficiently handle the entire RFP and Negotiations process on your behalf—staying true to your interests.

5. Supplier Selection

Based on our assessment, we connect you to a tailored SOC as a service that effectively addresses your requirements

6. High-Quality Implementation

We only work with cutting-edge Digital Forensics and industry-leading Threat Intelligence Suppliers and we’re actively monitoring their services implementation.

7. A Robust SOC At Your Service

Your business will enjoy the powerful 24/7 Incident Response expertise we connect you with.

In other words: You don’t need to understand the complicated verbiage of the industry. You don’t need to start your own Security Operations Center—with the steep learning curve and high overhead that it would carry. And you don’t need to worry about SOC providers trying to make you buy services and solutions that add to their bottom line—but not to yours.

Our only commitment is to help your company to securely address the growing threats of cybercrime in a way that perfectly adjusts to your industry and to your company’s specifications.

Extra Peace of Mind Meets Extra Savings?

By handling RFP and Negotiations on your behalf, we do all the Security Operations Center procurement work for you—so that you can leverage an outcome with maximum effectiveness and minimal effort.

  • We work through any document requirements
  • We manage the SOC supplier engagement part
  • We negotiate the best price for your business

We filter the sales noise and examine the ROI of every offering so that you’re only left with what matters: the best SOC as a service solution you could hope to find—while saving over 25% on the SOC costs you’d face if you were to deal with this process on your own.

Should You Build Your Own Security Operations Center?

  • Does your budget support building an in-house SOC?
  • Are you prepared for the upfront investment as well as for the ongoing costs?
  • Do you want to go through the selection and hiring process for your in-house SOC team?
  • Can you add this overhead without hurting your company’s operational results?

When faced with the real costs of setting up an in-house SOC, most businesses can’t do it. The good news is that they don’t need to.

At CloudZen Partners, we’re prepared to help you secure the 24/7 threat investigation and response with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and SOC-as-a-Service that your business requires—helping you to stay secure and save money and trouble in the process.

A security operations center (SOC) is a group of cybersecurity experts that protect their assigned organization from IT security threats. They do this through monitoring, identifying, and analyzing online threats.
The SOC cybersecurity team is responsible for keeping track of assets and ensuring their safety and protection. These assets can include employee information, intellectual property, business applications, and brand integrity. The security operations center will act as the focal point of the organization in collaborating against cyberattacks.

At CloudZen Partners, we provide IT security solutions that are designed to bridge cybersecurity gaps and thwart digital threats before they become a significant problem. We work together with security product suppliers to counteract threats introduced internally or externally.

Want to know more about our SOC as a service?

How Does a Security Operations Center (SOC) Work?

The main purpose of the security operations center is to monitor and alert the organization in case of security threats. Teams that are assigned to SOC providers will have responsibilities like gathering and analyzing data concerning suspicious activities. They also improve the organization’s cybersecurity capabilities overall.

SOC personnel will collect threat data from their intrusion detection/prevention systems, firewalls, security information and event management (SIEM) apps, and more. In case there are abnormal patterns or discrepancies observed, these SOC solutions will inform their respective team members of potential issues.
These are the main responsibilities of SOC providers:

  • Activity log maintenance: SOC teams will keep track of all activity and communications that go on in the organization. With the help of activity logs, cybersecurity specialists can identify any suspicious activity that could have caused a security breach.
  • Asset discovery: An SOC team will assess all the tools and technologies an organization uses to make sure that all assets are covered in case of security incidents.
  • Alert ranking: Another responsibility of SOC personnel is to prioritize alerts based on severity. Given that not all security incidents are the same, focusing on incidents that pose a higher risk is crucial.
  • Behavioral monitoring: SOC teams are responsible for assessing technologies for any issues that could cause a data breach. They monitor these systems around the clock and employ a range of measures to detect and address problems immediately.
  • Compliance management: Besides providing cybersecurity measures, the SOC team must also operate according to the policies of the organization while remaining compliant with industry standards.
  • Incident response: Responding to incidents as soon as they occur is one of the main responsibilities of SOC teams. Team members employ both reactive and proactive actions to address these issues as quickly as possible.
  • Root cause investigation: The SOC team can also be charged for investigating the root cause of an incident. This investigation will help the organization by giving everyone information about the issue and how they can prevent it from happening again in the future.

What Activities Occur in a Security Operations Center?

One of the fundamental activities of every SOC team member is to obtain information from a variety of resources to identify and understand potential threats. The data they need can come from CTI threat feeds and log files from organizational systems.

Monitoring incidents is crucial, which is why SOC teams need to keep track of all endpoints, perimeter devices, and servers to pinpoint these issues as soon as they are detected.
Once the information has been obtained, SOC specialists will then work to interpret the data to bring out actionable insights. During interpretation, they will identify what caused the problems while getting rid of duplicate data.

Besides all these, SOC team members also spend much of their time analyzing conditions that could cause attackers to exploit weaknesses in their organization’s network. These are the main conditions they look out for:

  • Any servers and endpoints that are yet unpatched: SOC team members will help identify unpatched systems that could be used by hackers to get into their organization’s systems.
  • Risky endpoints: Such endpoints include those that have no antivirus capabilities included or have poorly updated virus databases.
  • Neglected perimeter and edge devices: Routers, switches, and network devices that have been neglected for some time could be a gap that cybercriminals can exploit to break into a network.

Common Challenges of Security Operations Centers

  • Talent gap: The continuously growing demand for cybersecurity professionals has led to a lack of skilled professionals to fill their roles.
  • Attacks are becoming more complex: Cybercriminals are constantly updating their techniques and tools to exploit organizational networks for various purposes.
  • Huge amounts of data and network traffic: Big data is the norm nowadays, and SOC teams will have to constantly deal with the significant growth in its volume.
  • Alert fatigue: SOC teams can be easily overwhelmed with the number of notifications and alerts they receive concerning their assigned networks.
  • Security system overload: Many organizations today try to use numerous IT security tools in the hopes of catching possible threats. However, these tools are usually disconnected from one another, which leads to difficulty in synchronizing efforts to identify complex issues.
  • Rising number of unknown threats: Attackers know that the conventional approach of deploying their malware is no longer effective, resulting in many of them constantly changing their tactics. Many traditional endpoint detections and parameter systems are unable to detect and identify these unknown threats.

How CloudZen Partners Can Help With Your IT Security Needs

CloudZen Partners is a leading security operations center provider with many years of experience handling modern and sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Our team of SOC specialists is skilled in performing a wide range of IT security routines such as:

  • Managing firewall solutions that includes cloud, premise, and virtualized security services
  • Detecting and preventing network intrusions within the network
  • Analyzing real-time log flow to constantly monitor and pinpoint suspicious activities
  • Mitigating DDoS through IP filtering, rate limiting, and network routing protocols

At the same time, we collaborate with many reputable security entities to provide our SOC as a service

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