Internet and Connectivity

The team at CloudZen Partners will save you time, money, and energy trying to determine the best WAN architecture for your organization worldwide. The team works with the top global providers for connectivity including;  MPLS, Broadband/Backup, Wireless 4G and 5G (In pink) Fiber, dark fiber, Coax, Broadband, cable, satellite, wireless and much more. In addition, the CloudZen team has the tools to ascertain what telecom facilities are obtainable in each geography and the providers who can service it. This saves our clients hundreds of hours and valuable resources. The CloudZen engineering team consist of network engineers that can help engineer the best design and solution for your WAN based on your specific use case and needs.


  • Evaluate the needs of your business WAN by learning how internal and external communication takes place, where employees and customers reside, understand network utilization for specific applications, understand business-critical applications and work loads that need priority bandwidth
  • Future proof your network: Design a network that supports your cloud applications and use case keeping in mind future growth and changes
  • Identify the WAN technology that is best for the business based on the specific use case.
  • Design a solution that uses the suitable access facilities, is highly dependable and can merge with the general network strategy.
  • Engineer a diverse high-availability WAN
  • Determine which suppliers are able to deliver the required solution as well as negotiate pricing and terms on behalf of the company.
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