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CloudZen Partners will help you design a telephony solution that’s customized to your company’s unique preferences, needs and goals. Our access to extensive national and international carrier networks enables us to design solutions with the reliability of traditional POTS phone service, as well as the latest VoIP capabilities — and through our integrated approach, we can deliver the best of both worlds. While more companies are opting to transition to VoIP, we understand it may not be right for every use case. CloudZen will meet you where you are and provide a tailored communications strategy that meets your unique business requirements. You can count on CloudZen to deliver on your needs whether it’s traditional POTS service, VoIP or a combination of both. Our skilled engineering team is here to help you work through your toughest communications questions and challenges.

  • Understand your existing telephone system and make design recommendations based on your unique use case.
  •  Ensure the design includes redundancy and fail over protocol
  • Assist with analog or POT lines cleanup and effective aggregation.
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