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CloudZen Partners will help you design a telephony solution that’s customized to your company’s unique preferences, needs and goals. Our access to extensive national and international carrier networks enables us to design solutions with the reliability of traditional POTS phone service, as well as the latest VoIP capabilities — and through our integrated approach, we can deliver the best of both worlds. While more companies are opting to transition to VoIP, we understand it may not be right for every use case. CloudZen will meet you where you are and provide a tailored communications strategy that meets your unique business requirements. You can count on CloudZen to deliver on your needs whether it’s traditional POTS service, VoIP or a combination of both. Our skilled engineering team is here to help you work through your toughest communications questions and challenges.

  • Understand your existing telephone system and make design recommendations based on your unique use case.
  •  Ensure the design includes redundancy and fail over protocol
  • Assist with analog or POT lines cleanup and effective aggregation.

Business VoIP Solutions: What Can They Do for Your Business?

Make calls, join meetings, share your screen and see who’s there. VoIP solutions can take your business communication systems to the next level.

It wasn’t that long ago that businesses used regular telephones, desk phones, or analog PBX systems to manage communication in their office. The advent of digital technology and cloud-hosted services have made these legacy options less attractive. Business VoIP solutions (voice over internet protocol) give business owners more flexibility and additional features while lowering operating costs.If you’re considering a business VoIP phone service, read on. We’ll look at how VoIP for business will transform the way you work and how to choose the best VoIP service.

Business VoIP Solutions Lower Costs

One of the most attractive attributes of VoIP systems is cost savings. Instead of paying for multiple phone lines and the cost of calls over each line, you pay a flat monthly fee. Since VoIP phone systems use digital data over your office internet connection, the only monthly costs are your monthly charges from your internet service provider.

That means no more phone line installation fees when you add employees. Say goodbye to long-distance calling charges and toll-free number surcharges. With VoIP, your monthly communication expenses are up to 75% less.

VoIP Works Anywhere

VoIP services are entirely portable whether your staff all works in a single location, across multiple offices, or from their homes. Employees can answer conference calls on a laptop or mobile device. Voicemail is accessible from anywhere, at any time. VoIP systems make it easier than ever for remote workers and telecommuters to get critical work done.

Much More Than Phone Calls

Placing and receiving phone calls over the internet at a lower cost is just the beginning with VoIP. These innovative systems include features like virtual numbers, unlimited calling, universal contact, call recordings and address lists, voicemail, and selective call forwarding. Your business will be more agile, adaptable, and responsive with VoIP.

Are you tired of checking your voicemail? Some VoIP systems transcribe your messages and send them to you as an email. Transcribed voicemail makes it easy to share important messages with colleagues. It’s also a great way to review your messages while traveling.

VoIP Scales With Your Business

A traditional phone system is limited by the number of lines you can install, but a VoIP system can scale up or down, depending on your needs. Hiring a new employee? Add a new business phone number in minutes. A VoIP system can easily integrate with other hosted software solutions like your email service, CRM tools, and other IT systems.

Explore Your Options

Communication systems are essential to a successful business. With a cloud-based voice over IP system, you can add as many lines as you need, as you need them. You’ll eliminate the monthly per-line costs and long-distance bills. Remote employees have the same features and benefits as your in-office employees, and everyone has access to additional features that aren’t available with a traditional phone system.

If you’re ready to find the best VoIP service for your business, schedule a discovery call. We’ll explore business VoIP solutions and help you make the right choice for your needs

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