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Outsourced IT

Making IT Cost-Effective
“Enhance the Productivity of your business with CloudZen Partners”

CloudZen Partners is leader in outsourced global IT procurement because we understand the need for Enterprise business’ to reduce costs and gain efficiency, flexibility and scalability. Outsourced IT can help jump-start growth and achieve greater responsiveness to your business needs today and future forward. Future proofing your IT means having quick access to the evolving technologies that are most relevant in your industry. To achieve this agility more and more organizations are turning to outsourced solutions to fill gaps and reduce overhead.

Outsourcing provides a model to move away from complex and inefficient IT environments and in a direction that boost productivity and innovation of your team.
CloudZen Partners is aligned with over 50 leading global outsourced IT suppliers to deliver market-leading solutions that best meet our client’s unique needs. Our engineering team has a deep breadth of experience in all facets of Outsourced IT and will help translate your challenges into a holistic outsourced strategy.

  • Benefits of managed it services
  • Free up time of your valuable IT staff to focus on core business objectives
  • Fill gaps of IT expertise needed to stay on the cutting edge
  • Improve system functionality and limit system outages with proactive monitoring and management
  • Access cutting edge IT management tools that simplify your responsibilities
  • Gain operational efficiencies within your IT staff and systems.
  •  Reduce Cap Ex spend by transitioning to Op Ex
  • Utilize IT professionals with advanced skill sets to support your unique needs
  • Contract for specific services, support and skill sets when you need them and reduce your “in-house” staff.
  • Proven to cut operational cost by 30-50%

If you answer is YES to any of these queries then Outsourced IT might be an excellent choice for your company as well as bottom line. CloudZen Partners can assist, source and execute any key IT solution to fill your team’s gaps, get your time back and also save you time and money.

In addition, we work with top industry technicians with certifications in more than 70 disciplines to be supportive to your business where help is most needed at a flat cost and regularly even enhanced.

​In case you are thinking of increasing your IT systems/team you can reach us for a complimentary consultation concerning the way CloudZen can give support to you as they save you money and time.

Why Should You Choose Managed IT services?

Managed IT service refers to an IT (Information Technology) task that was given by a third party contractor and get them delivered right to the customer for a flat fee. In a managed service contract, it is the manager service provider who retains the responsibility for ensuring the functionality of the IT equipment and service. It also the customer who generally pays up a monthly fee for the service. It should be known that there are various types of management system service offerings. But the core idea behind all of it is to transfer the whole burden of maintaining IT to the service provider from the customer. So in a successful managed services, relationship, a customer is able to successfully benefit a lot. It could be either from the ability to focus on core business concerns and predictable pricing rather than investing time in IT management.

Benefits of Managed IT Services?

As more and more enterprises jump up on the Managed IT services bus, it becomes easy to arrive at the conclusion that the entire obtained from managed services is great. This is because, traditionally, IT related network or machine maintenance was carried out using a methodology which is known as ‘break-fix’. This simply meant that when something broke down, the enterprise called up a maintenance expert and then they hopeful responded and fixed the issue.

On the contrary, handling the IT operations over to an effective Managed Service Provider (MSP) makes you relax. This because then the provider is responsible for monitoring, managing or resolving the issues for the assigned IT business functions and systems on your behalf, even your mobile devices. This will let you focus on your main business responsibilities rather than being hindered by time consuming core IT issues.

Mentality shift in regards to managed IT services

Before managed technology services came into the market, there was only one way to successfully deal with technical issues and that was through the break-fix method. But this wasn’t acceptable at. So with the technological developments of the 21st century, waiting for the problems or arise or for systems to fail before moving to take action wasn’t a very viable option. If a network fails to function for substantial amounts of time, then it is a loss in the total productivity of the organizations. This can in turn lead to losses in revenue.

As such, due to these increased stakes, the need for adequate support and security rises so as to prevent these systems and to manage potential issues before they happen. This is the gap which managed IT services are filling.

What is the Difference Between Managed Services and Break-Fix?
  • Break-fix services often involves the coming of an outside technical to diagnose and then fix your issues by charging an hourly rate.
  • In the case of managed IT services, they offer a convenient and consistent relationship for you and they handle the central issues on the go for just a monthly service fee.
What are the types of Managed IT Services?
Outsourced IT services come in a lot of sizes and shapes, like:
  • Managed Cloud Hosting: Utilize a cloud strategy that is flexible and agile; public private or hybrid
  • Back Up and DR hosting: Back up your data with confidence, quickly and affordably
  • IT Infrastructure Design, Migration, Implementation, On-Going Management; Develop a secure, stable environment that can reduce total cost of IT ownership up to 40 percent
  • Managed IT Security: Minimize risks maximize security
  • Data center outsourcing—reduce data center operating costs by 15% to 25%
  • Network outsourcing—Establish a more secure and robust network infrastructure, minimize network downtime and reduce network operating costs 10 percent to 20 percent.
  • IT Expense Management—Lower hardware and software costs, reduce telecommunications expenses by up to 20 percent and curb exposure to software license audit penalties by up to 80 percent.
  • Infrastructure capacity services—Highly skilled professionals to bolster capacity or provide specialized capabilities.

Outsourced IT starts with a plan and CloudZen is here to help formulate and design a plan unique to your business needs. CloudZen Partners has in depth provider relationships and knowledge so can cut through red tape and streamline your selection and procurement process. Contact us now to discuss outsourcing all or part of your IT operations.

Where is your IT operations in the evolution of technology transformation…?
  • Are you prepared to diagnose, identify and remediate problems quickly and efficiently?
  • Is your IT infrastructure designed with redundancy for protection and agility to quickly scale?
  • Are you frequently bench marking your IT infrastructure against specified service levels?
  • Do you have a team of experienced IT professionals to effectively integrate new infrastructure with legacy systems?
  • Does your team have time to focus on improving IT operations processes and IT staff training to meet industry standards?
  • Do you have a practice in detecting IT security threats?
  • Does your team have the experience to effectively implement IT infrastructure patching, upgrades, and migrations?
  • An advanced IT Service Management (ITSM) framework specifically designed to manage a diverse IT infrastructure environment?
  • A team continually improving IT infrastructure design and increasing IT “value”?

If you did not answer YES to all of these questions, don’t hesitate, call us today for a complimentary discovery session and learn how you can transform your IT environment and reduce overall cost like so many others already have.

Why Should You Care For Managed IT Services?

Enterprises need better technology so as to effectively compete in the market. But maintaining a huge IT resource on the premises to provide for a complex IT environment and disaster recovery plan isn’t an easy job for small organizations. They all depend on a functional IT infrastructure so as to run without any form of interruptions and yet also adjust to often tight budgets.

So MSPs successfully offer data backup, alerts, patch management, security and more along with a lot of options for their clients devices like desktops, servers and more.

What Should The Managed IT service contracts Contain?

A major services contact should set the terms and conditions under which a managed services provider would work with the client. Another very important document when offering managed IT services is the agreement SLA (Service level agreement). This identified what kind of service the provider will have to show and how successful delivery of the services can be measured.

A MSP works to ensure that its clients get the best possible service and that their virtual network infrastructure remains stable. This allows the business to focus on other issues as the service takes care of other issues. You should also choose the MSP with care and after researching about their quality of service. No one wants their internet service down in the most crucial business moments.

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