Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The modern sophisticated attacks circumvent the most distinct and the best-of-breed security products often going without being detected for a long duration. Firstly, it is important to know that having security intelligence that is grounded upon global visibility throughout is necessary to help you in not only identifying but also defending against threats.

CloudZen Partners work in collaboration with suppliers who offer various desktop as well as network security products for helping in obviating threats that are either introduced by guests or even employees whilst operating on the network or that break through the network. Enterprises collaborate with CloudZen in order to be helped in orienting to custom solutions towards their unique security as well as conformity needs.

Implementation of security services is carried like a recurring cost that is usually paid for on monthly basis in order to help in getting rid of any high-priced capital investment.

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The following are the key areas that our strengths in the security focalize on:

  • Managed Firewall solutions – although perimeter defenses solely are not sufficient, they are absolutely essential and we cover you by offering managed Firewall solutions that includes; virtualized, cloud and available premise.
  • Network intrusion prevention detection – we identify any kind of threat found within the network traffic.
  • Vulnerability assessments – this entails scanning both external and internal networks to look for known vulnerabilities.
  • Analysis of the Real Time Log Flow – this involves monitoring of real-time security or providing a critical security log alerts the users about vital security issues that may also include a breach’s advance.
  • DDoS mitigation- CloudZen compounds intensified network routing, IP filtering and rate limiting with an innovative network that is based on mitigation across the regionally distributed scouring centers
  • Analytics and Services Control – a prompt single-source access towards threat data as well as your security posture’s amalgamated view is provided by the Threat Intelligence Dashboard.
  • Professional Services – you can secure your environs and conform to compliance and regulatory requirements by engaging in professional services. The following are the services offered; compliance testing, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, risk management analysis, and security audits.
We work in partnership with the upmost security providers and ensure that the correct one is chosen in accordance to your requirements and business.

The following are the activities that CloudZen will carry out:

  • Be the host for meetings to offer and carry out environment’s full discovery to find out both needs and requirements
  • Investigate on existence of any breach or attack against the firm
  • Work to realize the reason for the existence of configuration and high risk area and their location
  • Understand the conformity requirements
  • Find out supplier who have the capability to deliver the required solution
  • Work to have a clear understanding of the latest platforms utilized to give support to your IT infrastructure.
  • Identify and accomplish on timeline
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