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Professional Consulting Services

Design and Architecture

Our skilled and experienced team will start with a comprehensive look into the different silos of your business by conducting in depth interviews with important stake holders. These important interviews allow us to see the full picture of where you are today and where you need to be. We will leave “no stone unturned” to identify where gaps and pain points exist in your existing IT environment. Our team will then create an engineering design with specific recommendations based on your immediate and future needs taking into consideration budget and timelines.


  • Assess the intricacies and needs of your unique business units with a flexible and agile lens
  • Determine the best path forward from an engineering and design perspective to meet the needs of the entire organization
  • Complete a market analysis of the top suppliers that meet your solution, budget and timeline
  • Guide you through supplier interviews to make the most informed buying decision.
  • Project Management

Development and execution of a detailed project plan for complex IT and Telecom solution implementations.

  • RFP Creation and Management

Gather requirements, write and manage RFP process, vendor engagement, negotiation, and selection.

  • Solution Design and Architecture

Custom solution engineering and architecture for the unique business requirements of your company.

  • Service Provider Sourcing and Selection

We recommend the providers that best fit your unique needs and help you make an informed decision.

  • Technology Roadmapping

Long-term planning to ensure the compatibility and seamless incorporation of emerging technologies in the future.

  • Telecom Expense Management

Professional Services and Telecom Expense Management services to establish and maintain inventory and spending.

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