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SASE is no longer just a buzzword. With many companies looking to transform their business processes digitally, there is a need for organizations to leverage improved security.
Secure Access Service Edge offers all of the security features for modern organizations. The ability to scale network security with a company while reducing IT complexity and enhancing user experiences are just some of the main benefits SASE has to offer.
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If you’ve been paying attention to the world of cybersecurity, the term Secure Access Service Edge or SASE might be something you’re familiar with. Gartner was the first to discuss this new digital security concept in 2019, expanding upon it later on a couple of years later.

A growing number of organizations today are beginning to see the advantages of deploying this approach. To keep up, it’s important to learn what SASE is all about and what this emerging cybersecurity framework has to offer.

What Is SASE?

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Secure Access Service Edge, simply called SASE, is the combination of wide area networking (WAN) with network security services such as Zero Trust, FWaaS, and CASB. This framework aims to converge all of these cybersecurity solutions into one service model delivered through the cloud.

Legacy inspection and verification methods such as using a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) solution to a firewall may be effective if users are located in a data center. But with remote work being more common nowadays, the need to forward remote user traffic to data centers and inspect their data can negatively affect user experience and productivity.

This is where SASE comes in. Instead of depending on data center security, user device traffic is assessed at the closest enforcement point and redirected to its destination. The improved efficiency in accessing important data and applications makes this an ideal approach to keeping distributed teams and data security in the cloud.

If you’re looking for a Cyber Security Advisor that can help implement the right SASE solution for your organization, CloudZen Partners is here for you.

3 Primary Benefits of SASE

SASE provides a wide range of benefits to organizations thanks to its process of consolidating all security and networking functions.

The following are the three biggest advantages you can get by leveraging SASE:

Benefit #1: Reduces IT Expenses and Complexity

Traditional security models that depend on an organization’s network are no longer effective in securing both users and data. This is especially true given how company information, applications, and services are now mostly spread throughout the cloud. Add to that the increasing need for remote work and it’s plain to see that such a legacy concept can’t solve this modern problem.
SASE changes the way the security model works. As legacy systems prioritize developing perimeters around apps, Secure Access Service Edge focuses on entities like the people who are accessing these programs and places the security as near as possible.
This method not only reduces the costs associated with managing an IT network but also makes it less complex.

Benefit #2: Provides an Excellent User Experience

Modern apps are now distributed throughout the cloud yet the traditional way of accessing them is still dependent on old models. People still need to use a VPN to connect to a given network for security purposes.
In SASE, the approach brings the user to the security and not the other way around. This methodology aims to put security as close to users as possible while managing their connections intelligently.
The optimized direct connections, minimal latency, and optimal bandwidth all lead to enhanced user experiences.

Benefit #3: Minimizes Connectivity Risk

Organizational security aims to identify potential risks and take specific actions that prevent them from happening. As a cloud service, SASE provides companies with the ability to take on the unique challenges of dealing with users and programs that are spread remotely.
One way a SASE platform reduces risk is by connecting users to apps that follow a true zero trust network access or ZTNA. This approach ensures that only those individuals who are allowed to access certain programs can do so.
SASE systems also take away the standard attack surface that malicious individuals normally exploit. Its ability to hide the corporate network and identities of the source digitally can minimize the risk of being targeted by cyberattacks.

Top SASE Providers

As you can see, Secure Access Service Edge is a highly beneficial approach that businesses should leverage nowadays. The good news is that there are many SASE providers that can provide these services to interested organizations.

Download the TOP SASE Providers by Industry



If you’re looking for a Cyber Security Advisor that can help implement the right SASE solution for your organization, CloudZen Partners is here for you. Schedule a discovery call today to learn more.
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