Cloud And Hyperscale

Hybrid Cloud “Expand your business reach”

CloudZen Partners leads in providing Cloud Services as it offers specialized providers in hybrid environs, managed hosting and also in public and private cloud offering.

Being among the Top Technology Advisors in Cloud Services in the nation, hundreds of cloud services projects and Data centers have been planned and the deployed for the past duration of fifteen years by our CloudZen team. We are equipped with essential tools and experience needed in identifying the most suitable suppliers for delivering solutions required by your business.

​Cloud Services

The tremendous business decision you can make is to choose to shift either all or part of company’s IT infrastructure towards the cloud. Whilst the Cloud provides both operational and economic benefits such as making replacements of the capital costs, controlled costs, and operational expenses, it also offers agility, security, scalability, and most significantly, the ability of accessing data and applications from any kind of device or any location. We CloudZen team have the experience that is required for helping your customers in identifying the workload is supposed to be moved to Cloud also what is supposed to remain either at the data center or on premise. We do our duties in partnership with evry top supplier of Cloud Services in ensuring that your requirements and you company gets the correct supplier.

The following are the Cloud Services:
  • Disaster Recovery as a service abbreviated as DRaaS
  • Virtual Desktop (DaaS or VDI)
  • Platform and Infrastructure as a service (PaaS/Iaas)
  • Cloud backup and Storage
  • Office 365 support, deployment as well as management
  • Hyper-scale platforms such as Google, Azure, and AWS
The roles to be carried out by the CloudZen Partners include the following:
  • Analyzing your infrastructure, processes, applications, to find out the cloud strategy that suits your company be it hybrid, private or public.
  • Collecting network gear’s full inventory while considering moving to Cloud, Memory, Storage, the kind of VMS and quality, among other factors.
  • Determining the type of resources that can be modernized and optimized.
  • Finding the fully redundant, scalable and highly reliable solutions that are capable of being integrated with your entire IT Strategy and network.
  • Giving recommendations on migration strategy
  • Determining the Cloud providers with the ability to deliver solution that’s needed as well as negotiating the terms and pricing on your behalf.

​Cloud Connections

Acquire a private and direct connection to various Cloud Service Providers through a stable, cost-controlled and safe way. Cloud Connects assist in enhancing both network security and performance for applications that are based on Cloud and will give you the opportunity of managing your access as well as data transfer expenses in a more effective way.

Through Cloud Connections, we Offer the following:
  • Amazon Web Services Direct Connects – involves getting the security, visibility, and performance required for powering your access to the AWS
  • IBM Soft Layers Direct Links- used for increasing bandwidth and thus, improving your security as well as saving cost incurred in data transfer.
  • Microsoft Office 365’ Azure Express Route – offers a private, high-speed connect through which you can access office 365 via the Express Route.
  • Google Cloud Connects – it provides enterprise grade connectivity that made direct between Google Cloud platform and your office.
  • Microsoft Azure Express Route- involves a private and high-speed direct connection through which you can access the Microsoft Azure.

Determining the option of Cloud Connect and supplier is based on various basic factors.

CloudZen Partners will:
  • Deeply analyze your workloads, your infrastructure and also your latest networks.
  • Investigate how application performance is currently being hampered by the network performance
  • Comprehend on the significance of having security in network
  • To find out providers who can deliver the required solutions and also carry out negotiations on terms and pricing on your behalf.
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