State of Email Security

Digital threats continue to plague the online world, and the sixth annual State of Email Security Report published by Mimecast proves just that.

According to the report, email threats have become a major problem for three out of every four companies. About 76% of businesses claim that they have had trouble with ransomware in the past, while eight in every 10 are preparing for a fresh round of email attacks.

Let’s take a look at some of the main points that were mentioned in the report.

Phishing, Ransomware, and Spoofing Continue To Increase

The majority of companies today are getting ready for email-based attacks that could lead to significant problems. In fact, three out of four respondents claimed that cyber security threats continue to increase and are becoming even more sophisticated.

The report revealed that almost every company that was included in the survey had to deal with phishing attacks. In fact, many of them state that the frequency of these incidents has started to increase.

Phishing through email has become a serious threat in the past several years. It may seem only mildly harmful, but employee devices and accounts that have been compromised by such attacks can easily lead to data leaks.

Meanwhile, ransomware attacks have started to ramp up their intensity as well. Many organizations have experienced downtimes that lasted for more than a week. Most of those that were affected were forced to comply with the demands of their attackers due to a lack of appropriate cyber and email security solutions.

Although Microsoft 365 offers some form of protection against email-based attacks, most companies find them lacking in terms of capabilities. There were even those that claimed the suite hadn’t really been there for them when they needed it the most.

As for spoofing, company websites and email domains are beginning to experience an increase in such threats as well. Many respondents noted that their companies had been a target of these attacks, with most claiming an average of at least 10 attempts in a year.

The good news provided by the report is that organizations are becoming increasingly aware of their lack of cybersecurity capabilities. Many are beginning to rely on email security services that can help them thwart the growing number of email-based attacks they are currently facing.

The Importance of Email Security for Businesses

Since email is one of the main vectors for cybersecurity incidents and breaches, it’s crucial to ensure that this channel is kept as secure as possible. This is especially vital since complying with the demands of a single malicious email can result in devastating consequences for the organization.

To prevent these instances from happening, let’s take a look at what companies can benefit from when they incorporate a layered approach to email security.

Reinforced Protection Against Phishing Attempts

Tricking people into believing that an email is authentic is called email phishing, and it’s one of the most prevalent techniques used by cybercriminals today. Messages sent by these malicious individuals are designed to lure victims into performing a desired action, like downloading an attachment or opening a link.

Another method is to deceive employees by letting them think that the sender is someone they know and tricking them into providing valuable information. For cybercriminals, acquiring stolen credentials allows them to carry out a significant attack against the company later on.

It’s ideal for businesses to invest in email security services that are designed to screen messages. These solutions aim to close down gaps in one’s email security to minimize the possibilities of potentially harmful emails getting past defenses.

Keep Condential Business Data Safe

Businesses will always have confidential information in their databases that contain details involving their employees, financial capabilities, partners, and the like. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for such data since they can use these to further their motives. Companies that lack sufficient email security capabilities can easily become a target for these hackers. However, having a robust email protection solution in place can drastically reduce the chances of these attacks being successful.

With the right approach, organizations can ensure the integrity of their data stays safe and kept out ofreach from malicious individuals.

Secure Email Information From Prying Eyes

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server allows emails to be sent, received, or relayed fromsenders to recipients. This feature automatically stores email information whenever a message is sent.

However, an SMTP server maintains records in plain text format, making its data vulnerable to potential attacks. This type of email backup lacks protection and can be accessed by users without having to decrypt messages.

That’s why getting an email security solution that can encrypt email data is imperative. This approach can keep information protected from unauthorized users while allowing access to only those who are specially allowed.

Better Cybersecurity Posture

Companies that rely on a sophisticated email security architecture can leverage the latest solutions for organizational security. Potentially harmful emails that get past the initial defenses can be easily dented and quarantined. Finally, advanced email security solutions can quickly block phishing emails to prevent them from even reaching employee inboxes.

With the help of a professional email security services provider, organizations can take advantage of improved cybersecurity posture, especially against targeted phishing attempts.


The digital world continues to face growing challenges in terms of cybersecurity. This is especially true with the rising levels of phishing, ransomware, and spoon that occur daily.

Since email is one of the main channels that companies use to do business, it’s vital to make sure that there are appropriate solutions in place to secure this crucial avenue. The good news is that organizations are beginning to realize their lack of cybersecurity capabilities especially in securing their email networks.

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