IT Audit and Assessment

Save 30-50% on Overall IT Spending

Have you been wondering what you’re paying for IT services but haven’t had time or resources to dive into the bottomless pit of invoices and contracts? Are you hoping to reduce and optimize your overall IT spend but don’t know where to start? You are not alone and CloudZen Partners is here to help streamline this process with our free IT audit and assessment.

Overcharges, billing errors, missed disconnects, and forgotten credits cost companies too much money annually. Paying, overseeing, and supervising contracts, invoices, circuit IDs, and account numbers consumes a lot of time and takes a specific degree of expertise as well as software to ensure you’re ONLY paying for what you contracted for.

The CloudZen Partners team will collect your invoices and do a deep analysis of your overall spend. We will answer three primary questions for you:
  • What Services am I paying for?
  • I’m I using the services I’m paying for?
  • What is the next nearest competitor charging for the exact services?

From there the CloudZen audit team will present an analysis of the outcome and provide solutions to reduce and optimize your overall IT spend. This engagement on average will yield a 30-50% reduction in cost.
Don’t hesitate to reach out today for your FREE IT audit and Assessment to realize immediate savings.

  • Compile a total inventory of services and costs
  • Establish if your present services fit your needs
  • Present alternative solutions to reduce and optimize services and spend
  • Assist in procuring, implementing and managing the replacement services
  • Determine if a Telecom Expense Management Solution (TEM) will be of value
  • Save you 30-50% on overall IT spend
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