The Top Cloud Security Tools for Small Businesses

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In the last five years, businesses have suffered massive losses from cyber security breaches. $27.6 billion of loss, to be exact. It’s clear that there is still much to do in the war against cybercrime.
That’s why you need the right security tools to help protect your small business. But what is a cloud security tool?
Cloud security tools ensure your data (in the virtual cloud) is safe. It will protect you from ever-changing threats, helping you grow your business safe in the knowledge that things aren’t going to take a surprising turn for the worse.
Read on to learn about the top cloud security tools on the market.

AWS (Identity and Access Management)

If you aren’t already familiar with the term, AWS is Amazon Web Services. The Identity and Access Management (IAM) component is Amazon’s cloud security tool. It’s a specific security tool for those using the AWS environment.
IAM allows administrators to add users and groups to the AWS with varying permissions. So, it helps secure the AWS for large organizations that need granular permissions.
However, small businesses also find the tool valuable. For example, they may want to outsource work on the AWS to a third party without giving away full admin access. It ensures that all the data you hold via AWS is always secure.
IAM has industry-leading security features to ensure users get the best protection. For example, it offers multi-factor authentication.


Cloudflare is an undisputed leader in the field of security tools. It’s there to support website performance. Most importantly, to keep websites secure, with a protective shield against threats.
Those threats might include:

  • DDoS attacks
  • Malicious bots
  • Data breaches

The protective shield is a web application firewall.
When used on a client website, Cloudflare can use this firewall to filter out threats. For business owners, that security protection can help keep a website running fast.
By improving the website’s security, visitors get a reliable performance and browsing experience.
Cloudflare has other vital security features to enhance the tool, like SSL encryption and secure DNS.

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco offers a security solution for small and big businesses alike. It’s comprehensive, covering all aspects of internet security.
It works at the DNS layer of the network, offering a secure gateway that helps protect against threats. For example, those threats might be in the form of malicious domains or IP addresses.
Aside from the DNS protection, there are other notable features. That includes cloud access security broker and interactive threat intelligence.
The security protection from the Cisco umbrella covers concerns like phishing, malware, and ransomware, all major concerns and potential risks for small business owners.
So, this cloud/based tool offers these businesses a first line of defense.

Barracuda (Cloud Security Guardian)

The Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is a tool that will protect your small business’s data and compliance in a public cloud environment. It’s there to defend you from data breaches.
This tool will monitor configurations on the network to check for vulnerabilities. It also scans against non-compliance issues that may impact network security.
If the system spots a misconfiguration, it can automatically remedy the problem and increase the safety of the network.
This tool works with other cloud data security options from Barracuda, like their web application firewall. So, it’s useful for small business owners who want a more comprehensive suite of security services.


BitClass offers a CASB (cloud access security broker). It’s real-time protection against security threats. Via the cloud, it can protect any application.
It can also protect your on-premise applications, something that’s often a priority for small businesses. The technology offers a watermark that will track your data across the cloud.
That is valuable for sensitive data to your company and will protect against a potential data breach.
Another bonus is the simplicity. The architecture of this system makes it easy for small businesses to deploy the security across any device. So, it’s ideal for companies that have a decentralized work environment

Sophos Cloud Optix

Sophos offers a security platform that provides enhanced protection in the cloud. This state-of-the-art technology uses AI to monitor the cloud, run health checks, and check for compliance.
It helps businesses visualize their network across the cloud, and you have an asset inventory where you can list everything you want to monitor. It will spot potential vulnerabilities like anomalous activities.
That’s an essential way for companies to prevent attacks before they happen. It’s a robust and effective tool for small businesses that want advanced security when keeping data in the cloud.

Trend Micro Cloud One

Trend Micro Cloud One offers integrated security services. This suite of tools, in one dashboard, covers a range of security challenges for anyone working in the cloud.
That includes network and application protection. For example, it has an automated feature to monitor the environment for threats continually.
It means small businesses don’t need someone 24/7 to address security issues manually. That can give much-needed peace of mind that your IT environment is safe.
It’s also a versatile tool that will work across many types of infrastructure irrespective of the scale.

Check Point

Check Point Cloudguard is a holistic security solution designed specifically for the cloud. It’s one of many cloud-native technologies designed to handle the most sophisticated threats to your IT environment.
The tools handle threat prevention, secure connectivity, data security, and identity protection.
It boasts advanced capabilities against the most modern cyber attacks to help keep sensitive data away from malicious parties. The tool is also highly scalable, so small businesses can keep it as their company grows.

Cloud Security Tools: Finding a Comprehensive Solution

There are many cloud security tools on the market that address the varied and growing nature of IT threats. These will handle many worries faced by business owners, like data theft, hackers, and DDoS attacks.
However, for many small businesses, investing in tools isn’t enough to provide the peace of mind they need. You need comprehensive wrap-around support from security experts to help you make the most of those tools.
Find out how the cloud security expertise at Cloud Zen Partners can support your small business. Take the next step by viewing our cyber security services and booking a discovery call.

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