The Benefits of Investing in a Quality Provider

Benefits of Investing

Data Centers, An average 10% of business IT budgets go toward cybersecurity each year, yet cyberattacks are a regular occurrence. We are going to share the benefits of investing in a Quality Provider.

Don’t you want your 10% spent smartly on secure IT solutions you can trust?

The threat of data breaches and other cyber attacks is unavoidable in the tech-obsessed age. However, top data center providers offer a more secure and stable landscape to benefit your business operations. You need to select the right one for your business, and we are here to help.
Continue reading for our take on the top three data centers you need to know about to scale your business.

Best Benefits of Investing in a Quality Provider

1. Equinix and Data Centers: Pros and Cons

Equinix is a hot player in the data center providers game, having a global presence that spans the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

The company has done a great job acquiring other services that allow it to expand its power, presence, and capabilities. This data center tends to be a one-stop shop for outsourcing IT.

Customers benefit from Equinix’s reliable service and consistent deliverability of data needs. Its extensive data infrastructure focuses on security and ease of access for customers who need secure IT solutions.

Some disadvantages cited in working with Equinix deal with the speed of initial support and licensing. There appear to be more hoops for a customer to jump through when using this data center.

2. NTT Communications

NTT Communications is one of the top three data centers, trusted by millions of customers for outsourcing IT. There is a clear reason why: NTT builds a high-quality data center that is secure and easy for a global company to access.

Connecting a multi-location business is a massive part of reviewing secure IT solutions. NTT Communications is cited as the best to work with if your company has this connectivity goal.

Public versus private IP addresses tends to be a disadvantage in working with NTT, causing several customers hardship in this case. The team, like Equinix, may also appear slower in building data networks that your company may need.
Yet, high quality may just make for a longer build process!

3. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services may be one of the best-known data centers for its connection to the popular e-commerce platform Amazon. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy Amazon’s powerful solutions?

One of Amazon Web Services’ pros as a high-quality data center is the trust it has gained from millions of consumers. Its accreditations and certificates far outweigh competitors.

The pay-as-you-go model works for companies unsure how much money they need to spend on outsourcing IT. Web Services’ offers more customizable plans that scale with you, so you rest assured that every dollar is well-spent.

Make Outsourcing IT Easy

Data is key to all business operations, and you need a reliable and neutral party collecting and storing data for future use. That is why selecting data centers you can trust is crucial to business success.
Finding the top data center providers should support your development. Check out our list of services and see how your business can benefit from IT consultations. If you have any question about our service, Please feel free to contact us. Thanks for being with us.

But, as one of the top data center providers, AWS also comes with some cons to be aware of in your selection. Customers have been victims of massive data leaks. Its popularity may also mean service glitches as the system takes on more customers and more data infrastructure.

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