Schools Easily Reduce IT Spend


Schools Easily Reduce

See How Schools Can Easily Reduce IT Spend by 30%-50%

With the end of the year nearly upon us, more and more schools are starting to look at their budgets, and the ever-challenging question of ‘How can we get more for less?’ gets asked again.

Especially where IT is concerned, it is important to have adequate equipment in your school, not only to keep the children active but also to satisfy the demand for IT and Technology that will inspire and nurture their needs. It is also crucial to ensure the software the school is using is modern and effective.

This, of course, encompasses the security of the school network and can ensure that both the children and the school are fully protected.


CloudZen Partners presents a refreshingly different service for schools and one that helps you to save money, rather than asking you to spend it!

Yes, it is true. For no cost whatsoever, the team at CloudZen Partners offers to review your current IT spend, analyzing your current IT outlay, and finding ways to help you can save money. In most cases, the savings can be realized simply by switching providers or technologies.

Perhaps you are paying for four different things that are now being offered as a package for half the price by another vendor.

Or, potentially, by going directly to the technology vendor themselves, you can save funds by cutting out the unnecessary middle-men, along with their fees.

There is a whole host of elements that CloudZen will review on your behalf, and they ask for no money whatsoever in return from the school for providing this service.

If there are savings be had, you can trust CloudZen Partners to pinpoint these elements and find you the same or alternative technologies that offer the best bang for your buck. More importantly, you will not need to compromise on performance or functionality.

Schools and all educational institutes have such a fine line to tread, by having to balance the needs of the technology—hungry students, the stringent security requirements of the education boards, with the ever-shrinking budget allocations.

With CloudZen Partners, you really can get more for less.

Just think of the difference a 30% saving would make. What could you invest that extra money into? How big of an impact would that amount of money have on the financial front for the school?

How Does It All Work?

We will have a quick call with you to explain the details about how it works and answer any questions you might have. After that, they will get to work and review what you have in place, and how much it costs on a monthly or annual basis.

Following a short review period, the team will be able to make several recommendations to the school. We are experts in this field and have superb relationships directly with so many of the leader and latest technology providers. There are no preferences given to any individual companies, and any recommendations that are given are made based solely on the school’s individual requirements, and the pairing of those needs with the best technology provider, offering the best deal.

It is this element of their offering which makes the service unique. Schools get a technology expert helping them to realize savings of up to 30% to 50%, with no loss of performance or function. In most cases, the newer technologies are far superior to those which are already in place.

No payment is ever required for these services.

It really is that easy. There are no catches; it is a simple but effective service that is allowing schools across the nation to get more for less, and more importantly, helping them to make the most of their budgets and getting the best technology solutions in place for their school’s needs.

If your school could benefit from this service or you know a school that could; get in touch with Cloud Zen today or schedule a call here Discovery Call Calendar


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