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Business Voip

Big Benefit from Cloud Communications

Business Voip, Telecom

Traditional phone systems present two main problems for businesses: limited features and high costs. As a result, small businesses are migrating to a cloud communications solution—also known as VoIP or a hosted PBX. These cloud communications solutions are much less expensive than traditional phone systems. That all sounds good, but how much can a small business really save by switching? Communications are the lifeblood of any business. Therefore, small business owners are often reluctant to take a chance on “new” telephone technology—no matter how attractive the pricing is. VoIP-based telephone service was first introduced in the 1990s, and has become a mass market phenomenon. Improvements in network technology now enable service providers to offer highly reliable cloud communications solutions with outstanding call quality, on par with traditional phone systems. The only difference will be reflected on your phone bill: it will be a lot less than you’re used to! But the savings are not just limited to reducing your equipment costs or long distance charges. In fact, there are six ways your small business can save when you migrate to…

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Video Conferencing Myths That UCaaS Can Solve!

Business Voip, Technology

Facts Behind Top Videoconferencing Myths Never allow a few fallacies hinder business success, collaboration gains, as well as savings. Know the fact behind the Top most 5 Telepresence Mythologies. Find out real-world truths concerning: * Usage of bandwidth. * Cost. * Intricacy. * Experience of the user. * Interoperability. Find out fast how videoconferencing is quickly changing the manner in which individuals live, learn, and work easily, securely, and at reasonable cost. Video Conferencing Top Five Benefits Founded on discussions with clients, value-added resellers as well as analysts, outlined below are the top advantages offered to most organizations by video conferencing and unified communications. Decreased costs of travel with UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) In the globalized economy of nowadays, travel is regularly a requirement for leveraging opportunities of a fresh market. Travelling to distant locations to interact face-to-face with clients, colleagues, as well as partners is a longstanding ritual of business, and there is nothing that will ever substitute the impact and immediacy of face-face interactions. However, a big part of regular or routine business travels — with…

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