Property Management Company

Property Management Company 1
Los Angeles
Business size:
500+ employees


A property management company, providing services to nearly 30,000 residential apartment homes in communities across 21 states, was looking to streamline billing, cut costs and create a consistent positive resident experience regardless of what community someone contacted.


BullsEye, and its partner Vimenture, conducted a comprehensive analysis utilizing their communications services expertise, developed and launched a robust program to upgrade technology, streamline services and lines, and helped create a better customer experience. Highlights of the program include:
  • Transition from POTS to VoIP and broadband depending on each property’s specific needs
  • 113 locations using broadband; 91 with VoIP
  • Consistent, company-wide auto attendant
  • Expedited transition from POTS to VoIP – six-month conversion timeline
    Clear understanding of inventory to dispose of unused/unnecessary lines they weren’t aware of prior to site survey
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Lee Goldenberg

The entire process of working through the various options was an absolute pleasure, based entirely on Alana’s talents. Her professionalism, attention to detail and ability to find the synergies between companies is among the best I have experienced


With extensive experience in developing solutions for multi-location companies, CloudZen Partners has provided the client with a cost effective, upgraded and streamlined communications system that provides a consistent experience for their customers.
Upgraded services from POTS lines to VoIP and broadband
Consolidated monthly invoice showing all services and locations in one bill
Implemented process to quickly identify, address and fix issues at all locations
IdentiFIed accurate account of communications inventory across locations
Achieved overall efficiency improvements and 20%+ cost savings
Provided convenience of single-source, responsive client service (account and technical)
Established a collaborative, proactive partnership for delivering communications solutions
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