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With Business Voip Including Live Video, This Award-Winning Digital Marketing Firm Improves Sales Operations, Training, and Customer Service

Logical Position’s 850 employees use CloudZen Partners as their unified communications solution procurement experts.

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“We use Live Video so often and for so many types of meetings that I’d
say it’s helped every aspect of our operations—sales, team collaboration, IT support, training new-hires, you name it.”


Nickolas Carter, Director of IT

employees using RingCentral Video to stay connected
offices now united on a single communications platform
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Helping thousands of small businesses reach customers online

Although Logical Position’s client roster includes many world-renowned organizations—such as Bausch + Lomb, 24 Hour Fitness, and Princeton University—the digital marketing agency’s team members are most proud of the work they do for thousands of small businesses.

For a local restaurant owner or a new retail company, navigating the complexities of online marketing and advertising can be overwhelming. Logical Position offers a full suite of digital services—ad creation, managing pay-per-click and social media campaigns, email marketing, website development, etc.—to help these businesses build a successful digital presence at prices they can afford.

The company’s digital marketing expertise and proven track record keep new businesses signing up. Just a little more than a decade since its founding, Logical Position has over 7,000 clients worldwide. To date, the company has managed more than half a billion dollars in ad spend, generating hundreds of billions of online ad impressions for its clients.

Among the company’s numerous awards, Logical Position has earned several Google Engage All-Star honors; been recognized many years on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing US Companies; and won a TopTenReviews.com award as one of the Best Online Marketing Services. Logical Position has also won accolades from Microsoft, the Better Business Bureau, Glassdoor, and the American Marketing Association.

But when it came to their IT communications systems, Logical Position didn’t feel like they were winning, so they started their search for a more reliable, unified cloud communications solution.

A failing phone system was not an option

As IT Director Nickolas Carter explains, Logical Position faced several challenges with its legacy communications systems. But the priority-one urgent issue was the number of ongoing challenges employees were having with their phone service. Their legacy communications system was outdated, unreliable, and impacting their bottom line plus their seven offices used different solutions which made it hard to communicate with other employees.

“We have a large sales team making calls to prospects every day, so we depend on reliable phone service,” Nickolas says. “But our old phone system was a beast of problems: this desk phone stopped working, that employee’s headset failed, the whole system needed rebooting because of an upgrade. These issues cost us business.”

But as Nickolas points out, the company’s communications infrastructure presented other problems as well. One example: “Our teams were all using different video conference apps. People would ask things like: ‘Can you set this meeting up? I don’t have a license.’ ‘Did you send me a meeting ID number? I can’t find it.’ ‘Are you sure we should do the conference on this app? I think the other office uses something else.’”

“Live Business Video made all of our meetings so much easier because everyone has it, and all you’ve got to do is send attendees an invite link. This was a huge improvement over our old meeting apps, which always created hassles.”


Nickolas Carter, Director of IT

Business Voip and Unified Communications brings the company together on a shared platform

Logical Position resolved all these issues by deploying the cloud-based UCaaS (Message, Phone, Video), and the integrated conferencing app Live Video, to all of its 850 employees. As Nickolas notes, one of the first benefits the company realized was its newfound granular call data.

“With the old system, our reps had to forward calls to their cell numbers when they left the office. That meant we had no visibility into those calls. With CloudZen Partners procurement solution, everyone can take calls anywhere using the app, and now we have an enormous amount of call data—including a recording of the call itself, which we can hear anytime.”

In fact, Nickolas says, Logical Position’s sales managers know CloudZen Partners is having a direct, positive effect on the sales organization’s productivity and success. “We’re able to automatically send our sales managers all sorts of detailed reports,” he says. “Now they can see the connections between number of calls and closed deals, or even listen to a top performer’s calls and use that rep’s strategies to train the rest of the team.”

CloudZen Partners Business Voip solution proves flexible enough to meet a unique company need

Another way Logical Position is benefiting from Unified Communications—and one of the key reasons the company selected Business Voip in the first place—is the platform’s ability to integrate custom workflows and applications. Nickolas explains the Logical Position’s unique need for its new telephony solution.

“We built an internal Do Not Call list for our sales reps. When a rep calls a prospect, our API checks that number to make sure the business isn’t already a customer, or that the prospect isn’t assigned to another rep. We talked with several cloud communications vendors and weren’t convinced they could integrate this API with their platforms. But it was clear RingCentral had the open APIs and the development experience to make it work—and we were right.”

“Having CloudZen Partners on our team has meant tremendous cost savings for Logical Position. We don’t have to buy desk phones anymore. And because the Business Voip softphone app works on any computer, we can connect using any $20 USB headset.”


Nickolas Carter, Director of IT

Live Video creates many operational improvements

As Nickolas explains, deploying Live Video to Logical Position’s entire workforce has led to many operational advantages—including some the company hadn’t expected.

“We started using Unified Communications just before COVID,” he says. “And when we suddenly had to send everyone at all seven offices home at the same time, Live Video provided a great way for IT to support our staff getting set up remotely. In those first days, we’d leave our Live Video app open basically all day and invite anyone to hop in if they needed help accessing the network, setting up their laptops, whatever.”

“We hired a lot of salespeople during the pandemic, and we used LiveVideo for interviewing and training. It was great, because the hiring manager could share their screens, walk the new-hires through our training materials, and make the process a little more comfortable by putting a face to the voice.”


Nickolas Carter, Director of IT

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