Multi-Location Fragrance

New Jersey
Business size:
Pain Points:
Limited IT resources, small it team and need for a hardware refresh


The customer is a multi-location fragrance company headquartered in New Jersey. The company faced a lot of similar IT challenges to what many businesses face today. It has decreased its employee count in the past five years due to the economy, and has limited resources overall. All of its servers are in need of a refresh, and the small existing IT staff has a lot of other day-to-day tasks that take up the majority of employees’ time.

Pain Points

As its employee count shrank, the retail company’s IT staff shrank dramatically. The business suddenly didn’t have enough employee resources to support the workload that refreshing its hardware would bring. The organization faced either adding IT resources, or leveraging cloud computing to spin up virtual servers.


CloudZen’s team of experts analyzed the customer’s needs. After learning about the challenges and educating the customer on the benefits of virtualizing their servers within the providers infrastructure, the customer realized this was the best solution. The cost of professional services and increasing current bandwidth to support server access via the Internet was substantially lower than it would have been to purchase new hardware and manage and maintain it on-site.


CloudZen Partners presented the customer with a solution to address their pain points, proposing its Infrastructure as a Service solution, CloudServer. This solution was favorable for the CFO, as he could avoid added capital expenses and move to an operational expenditure model. It also freed up working capital for other company divisions. The CloudServer solution proved itself when Hurricane Sandy left the primary company location without power for seven days. Through Internet access, employees were able to work remotely and access critical applications during this period.

“Our CloudServer proved itself when Hurricane Sandy left the primary company location without power for seven days.”
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