Medical Rehabilition Facility

Business size:
13+  Locations
Pain Points:
Needed on-site support, simple scalability, and a compliant solution for their legal practice
CloudDesktop, CloudMail, CloudServer


The customer is a medical rehabilitation company with 13 locations and 200 employees across Central Florida. When RapidScale and the sales partner first started meeting with them, they were working with a local MSP to manage and handle their IT services. They had no IT staff within the organization, but had an agreement with their MSP that they would have a dedicated resource during normal business hours. This resource was responsible for everything from their voice systems, data, infrastructure, connectivity, and all forms of help-desk support. However, this IT resource was limited by normal business hours and was not available at all times, especially 24x7x365.

Pain Points

The customer was in the process of entertaining the idea of acquiring new locations to expand their business, but they were having trouble getting their existing on-premises infrastructure to work properly. This alone didn’t give them the comfort they needed to be able to scale accordingly. The upper-level management decided that a move to a hosted model would give them the ability to grow their business quickly and have a predictable cost associated to the growth. One requirement of the new provider was to oversee all of their local IT support. The networks at each location were also outdated and needed to be upgraded to allow for remote monitoring.


CloudZen Partners team put together a cloud-based solution that would help to resolve their performance limitations as well as be a more cost-effective and dependable solution. The provider was asked to present a fully managed cloud services proposal that not only included their full IT requirements, but also included a full time employee (FTE) that the provider would manage. During the discovery phase, provider deployed engineers on-site to each location to do a full analysis of the network and infrastructure, which allowed them to build a tailor-made solution based on their needs.


CloudZen Partners presented the customer with a unique solution to address their pain points as well as give them a fully managed solution so they could focus on their business and leave the IT operations and management to the provider. CloudZen Partners proposed a solution that included CloudDesktop (DaaS), CloudServer (IaaS), and CloudMail (Hosted Exchange). Monitoring was put in place to ensure they had a high level of performance at all times. The provider also proposed to replace their MSP dedicated resource with a managed, Full Time Employee. This allowed the customer to experience on-site support for all of their connectivity, voice, infrastructure, and help-desk, but also included the providers 24x7x365 support center. The customer is able to reach out to support in the event the on-site resource was not available. This added an extra layer of comfort for the customer. Customer was provided weekly project status calls as well as monthly trouble ticket reviews to ensure their solution is performing and providing everything they were looking for.

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