Pharmaceutical Company

Seattle, Washington
Business size:
10+ users, Small Business
Pain Points:
Outgrew IT consultant, old servers, lack of mobility for employers, need for data security


The customer is a healthcare company focused on the development of locally-administered pharmaceuticals for the treatment of pre-cancer and early stage breast cancer. The company is located in Seattle, Washington. When they came to CloudZen partners they had one IT consultant and were using old servers. Their requirements were outgrowing their infrastructure and they needed solid IT assistance. The client hoped to outsource as many services as possible and no longer purchase on-premises servers going forward.

Pain Points

Due to the sensitive data that the client holds, from research data to patients’ treatments, having 24x7x365 support and quality performance was key. In the healthcare industry, being proactive is some- thing that should be second nature. The client wanted just that, but their current environment lacked the level of support necessary to have this type of response. With their existing IT consultant managing their environment, the client wished to keep a small IT department and full management while outsourcing a bulk of the maintenance and updates.


​CloudZen partners was brought to the opportunity to put together a cloud- based solution with a full migration to resolve the client’s performance and support needs, as well as be a more cost-effective and dependable solution for the company. The company needed a cloud solution that would allow employees to work remotely, keep data secure and help meet industry compliance standards like HIPAA.


CloudZen partners presented the customer with its Infrastructure as a Service solution, CloudServer, to provide a fully managed service that would provide the reactive response they needed. CloudZen partners led the migration process with its team of cloud experts. The process used Double Take replication software to migrate the customer’s existing SAP server to the environment. Using this replication solution, the customer was able to migrate over from an on-premises installation of SAP to a cloud environment seamlessly. They were also able to test the environment out beforehand, which validated the solution before going live.

The solution includes enterprise-grade security with encryption, firewalls and both physical and network security in place. It also meets compliance standards, including HIPAA, helping the client meet and exceed the requirements of their industry and keep patient data secure.

CloudServer now allows the client to access to full-scale support and monitoring from CloudZen partners 24x7x365 support center. And with pay-as-you-go plan, the client was left very satisfied with their plan and price.

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