Boutique Hotel

Los Angeles
Business size:
110 employers
Pain Points:
Problems  with outages and management of existing systems, disjointed Active Directory


The customer is a boutique hotel located in Los Angeles, CA with 110 on-site and off-site users. The hotel was supported by one IT manager who addressed all support needs within the organization. The IT manager was not qualified to deliver enterprise-grade network solutions, and did not have the insight into the correct tools that were available to benefit the organization. The IT manager was constantly managing the failing infrastructure and therefore was unable to pursue improvement projects.

Pain Points

The hotel had old and broken infrastructure that was strung along with repairs versus improvement. The IT closet had poor ventilation which caused the hardware to fail consistently, causing outages and loss of work ability. There were problems with outages and poor management of existing systems, which was time consuming. The hotel also had a disjointed Active Directory system, which made it difficult for vendors to understand the network. The client had to determine whether their current infrastructure was suitable for integration, or if it was necessary to do full elimination and begin with new hardware.


CloudZen’s team of experts analyzed the customer’s needs. The determining factors for the hotel’s proposed solution was how poorly the current infrastructure was maintained and the fact that software was out of date. Our providers found that the client was running old software and network hardware accompanied by poor cabling.


CloudZen presented the customer with a solution to address their pain points. The provider built out a new Active Directory/DNS structure while beginning the process of virtualizing the physical servers, giving the client an initial hybrid solution. The cloud provider also proposed its Desktop as a Service solution to build and integrate a custom virtual desktop platform for all users. A full migration was performed of the user’s existing data. The organization was initially running on three different domains, which was condensed to one. This gave the hotel the ideal environment for its virtual desktops. Overall, the cloud solution eliminated downtime and added higher efficiency and productivity. The boutique hotel experienced better management practices and resource allocation. It also received 24x7x365 customer support, which reduced the IT staff’s need for on-site support.

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