Southern California City

Southern California
Business size:
40 employers
Pain Points:
Lack of support, budget, universal access, and a Finance Director and IT manager
CloudDesktop, CloudOffice, CloudServer


The customer is Southern California city department with 40 users. The department had been relying on the local school district’s IT solutions with extended amounts of issues and a lack of support. The city department managed three separate locations: City Hall, the fire department, and the Public Works office. The city ran all of its IT through the school district for financial reasons and a lack of internal resources to operate IT on-site. In order to address their IT needs, the Finance Director assumed the role of IT manager on-site to attempt to correct any issues the staff ran into.

Pain Points

Having the Finance Director in charge of IT took time away from daily operations and presented inconveniences on a daily basis. The city department experienced poor support, a limited budget, a lack of oversight, universal access and independence, hardware and license needs, and high IT department rollover. The department needed to move away from being completely intertwined with the school dis- trict’s unreliable and unorganized environment.


CloudZen team of experts analyzed the customer’s needs. The city department requested quotes for three solutions: EMail, Office, and Server. The city was unable to afford all three of these services right off the bat, planning on starting with what the budget allowed. This would require integration with their old, out-of- date network.

CloudZen Partners presented the client with an initial solution consisting of only pieces of the solutions offered, due to budget restrictions. This created a partial solution that didn’t quite cover the city department’s full needs. The CloudZen team warned that this partial solution wouldn’t work with the city’s old network configuration, but they moved forward with the implementation due to lack of budget. As predicted, the department faced initial failure. They jumped between outsourced IT solutions and found that nothing would fix the network issues to allow for the partial cloud to function at its peak efficiency.


The city department ended up presenting the lack of efficiency with the initial solution to the budget overseer and pushed for the full migration that had been initially requested. CloudZen Partners moved forward with its CloudMail, CloudOffice and CloudServer solutions. As a result, the city department experienced internal support and eliminated the budget wasted on external support. By pushing to implement the full cloud solution, the department received a fully operational IT solution backed by the providers 24x7x365 support.

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