eSentire Managed Detection and Response

Industry-leading Detection, Unprecedented Response
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eSentire invented Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Today they’re the leader because of their ability to protect businesses against modern cyberattacks.

Through an unmatched combination of cybersecurity experts, proven processes, and proprietary technologies, eSentire proactively hunts threats across networks, endpoints, cloud, and hybrid environments—so you can focus on running your business.

We manage the data, devices and services that provide visibility across your threat surfaces so you don’t have to.
We rapidly detect what others miss—from automated threats to sophisticated manual attacks.
We stop attacks before you even know they’ve started and before they impact your business.

Trust us, in partnership with eSentire, to detect attackers who bypass traditional security controls, to hunt and confirm attacker presence, to determine the root cause, to respond to and contain attackers before they can cause disruptions and to manage the data and innovative technologies that facilitate threat identification and mitigation.

Complete Threat Visibility
We collect threat signals across all your dynamically changing cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments so attackers have nowhere to hide.
Customized Protection
eSentire’s proprietary XDR platform, Atlas, synthesizes threat signals delivers protection customized to your environment and business needs.
Comprehensive Response
Security analysts hunt, investigate and respond to threats on your behalf—every minute of every day—protecting you from costly disruptions.
MDR overcomes today’s cybersecurity challenges

MDR is a proven way to achieve positive security outcomes by overcoming today’s biggest security challenges, including:

  • An ever-expanding threat surface: digital transformation means you have more information to protect than ever before, spread out across cloud on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments and with more potential entry points—including applications, services, networks and a growing number of endpoints
  • Recruiting, retaining and resourcing: You rarely have the resources and talent you need due to a global shortage in cybersecurity professionals and already-stretched budgets
  • Technology alone isn’t a complete solution: Every modern breach has bypassed best-of-breed firewall and antivirus technologies—what was missing was the human element

While technology provides valuable tools, MDR offers a solution to modern cyberthreats.

Learn more about MDR

For organizations familiar with sourcing, installing, configuring and managing their own security solutions—and then having to keep up with all the alerts that come in—MDR is a fundamentally different way of achieving positive security outcomes. No doubt you’ve got questions, so here are a few resources that will provide you with answers.

The Untold History of MDR
MDR evolved as a natural extension of collaborative threat management and embedded incident response service.
Learn about MDR’s history and future
The Definitive Guide to MDR
This instructive eBook will help you make more informed cybersecurity choices that align with your business objectives, in-house security resources and risk tolerance levels.
Finding the Right Provider
Finding an MDR provider who will deliver to expectations—24×7, month after month, year after year—often comes down to knowing what questions to ask.
Learn how to find the right provider.
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