The Importance of CMMC Level 2 and Its Requirements

CMMC assessment Level 2 serves as a critical step for organizations that handle controlled unclassified information CUI. It requires a more advanced implementation of cybersecurity practices. By adhering to CMMC Level 2 requirements, companies demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding national security.

CMMC 2.0 Assessment
$ 7,500
Flat Fee
Comprehensive Gap Assessment
Customized Roadmap And Action Plan
Budgetary Estimates For IT Implementations
90-Day Advisory Support
Final Rescore And Updated Roadmap After 90 Days
Support In Technology Procurement
Monthly VCISO
$ 2,500
Access To An Experienced Accredited CISO
Policy Development
Comprehensive Gap Assessment
Technology Procurment
Customized Roadmap And Action Plan
Quaterly Business Reviews
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