Aligning Cyber Security to Your Business and the Threats You Face

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The cyber security environment constantly evolves, with new threats appearing to exploit changes or weaknesses in business initiatives. Your business is unique, and bad actors will use any differences or anomalies they can find as leverage to exploit your security weaknesses.

Therefore, your security must be aligned to the business and not merely an “off-the-shelf” solution. You must gauge the effectiveness of your security strategy to protect your business in the current and future threat environments. For instance, you must:

  • Identify threats.
  • Assess your current security strategy.
  • Expose gaps in your protection.
  • Prioritize your security objectives.

CloudZen Partners can help you achieve this. You will understand how your current security policies fit your business. Moreover, you’ll have an actionable roadmap to provide you with a threat-aware risk program aligned to the unique nature of your business.

Can You Answer These Fundamental Security Questions?
  • What are your critical systems and processes that MUST be protected?
  • What are the critical security threats to your business?
  • How do you measure the capability and effectiveness of your security team?
  • What is your security roadmap?
CloudZen Partners will help you answer these questions and recommend gold standard cyber security solutions.

We’ll provide your business with a complete Security Strategy Assessment (SSA), including the following:

  • Align Your Security to Your Business Goals. We’ll take time to understand your business, services, and products. This understanding ensures we can align your security to your business goals.
  • Identify Threats. We’ll identify threats specific to your business and highlight what you need to improve your defenses.
  • Assess Your Current Security. We will examine and assess your current security strategy, creating a prioritized and actionable security program roadmap.
  • Align Your Security to Your Business. Your security will be aligned to your business rather than a generic solution. Consequently, your key stakeholders and board will have greater confidence in your ability to thwart specific threats.
The Advantages CloudZen Solutions Bring to Your Business
  • Fast Results For Immediate Action. Deliverables within 5 days, with a full SSA within 2 weeks.
  • Flexible Schedule to Suit Your Business. Solution delivered to suit your business schedule.
  • Specific Business-Aligned Program. Risk-based threat model and customized threat analysis aligned to your business.
  • Results Ready to Present. Actionable roadmap, threat assessment profile, and board-level presentation. Give stakeholders confidence in your security strategy.

Easily Interpreted Results

  • Point-In-Time scores.
  • Straightforward 1 to 5 scaling.
  • Summarized results.
  • Program-level Maturity and Capability statuses.

SSA Levels to Suit Your Business

  • Full SSA
  • Enterprise-level assessment providing an entire security solution. Includes:
  • People, processes, and technology.
  • Security framework mapped to your industry.
  • Solutions benchmarked against existing and target metrics.
  • Cost, resource, and effort estimates.
  • Prioritized and scheduled high-level roadmap.

SSA Refresh

  • Update of SSA completed within the past 12 months. Includes:
  • Updated security controls and capabilities.
  • Review baselines of current and desired security states.
  • Prioritized and scheduled high-level roadmap.
Why Trust CloudZen Partners Security Procurement Services?
  • Over 300 security and risk-related services.
  • 2 decades delivering Cyber Security consulting solutions year on year.
  • Our Agnostic Cloud and Security Engineers have More than 100 industry-recognized certifications.

Compliance expertise, including:

  • ISO27001
  • EI3PA
  • GDPR
  • GLBA
  • MARS-E
  • NIST
  • Industry experts in:
  • Aerospace
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Defense
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail

CloudZen Partners is a leading expert in cyber security consulting and solutions. We’ve been delivering strategic and technical expertise for twenty years and have helped hundreds of organizations from every industry sector.

When we partner with your business, you’ll receive various security solutions tailored to your needs. These include cyber security advice; deploying and operating security strategies; security services management; and risk, integration, and technology solutions.

Your business is at the center of our security ecosystem, a principle unmatched by other security solution providers. Let us do what we do best – manage your cyber risks, so you can concentrate on business and secure its greatness.

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