Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service

Required Info

Which Operating Systems do you currently run in your desktop environment?
Some companies choose to roll out DaaS to a subset of users before expanding to the entire use base.
Do you use Microsoft/Office 365?
Would you benefit from any add-on services to MSFT/Office 365?
Which applications do you need the DaaS Provider to provide and fully support?
Have you already tested or deployed VDI in your environment?
Which VDI platform(s) are you using in-house?
Compliance Standards Required

Helpful Info

Why are you considering Desktop as a Service?
What "use cases" do you plan to support?
Primary WAN Connectivity WAN = wide area network
WAN = wide area network
Do you need to support users with high-end graphics requirements? ex. CAD or CAM software, photo or video editing
ex. CAD or CAM software, photo or video editing
Are you interested in any managed services?
Where do you intend to host your users' applications?
Data Center Location(s) Required

Maximum file size: 52.43MB


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