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In today’s digital world, companies of all types and sizes are constantly at risk of cybercrime. Malicious actors are regularly outpacing advancements in cybersecurity technologies and successful attacks often result in severe consequences for the victims.

That’s why a NIST security assessment is important; it can mean the difference between continuing operations and irreversible damage to the brand name.

At CloudZen Partners, we can guide you through implementing the NIST cybersecurity framework for your organization. Your company will not only be safer but also stay compliant with the latest regulations.

Core Functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST cybersecurity framework has several core functions that are designed to implement the fundamentals of cybersecurity at a high level. Performing a NIST assessment allows companies to obtain an overview of all cybersecurity efforts in an easy-to-understand format.

The framework is comprised of major categories that are assigned to one of the following core functions:

  1. Identify: This function is designed to provide the organization with a better understanding of managing cybersecurity risks associated with systems, data, assets, and capabilities. Some of the major categories it encompasses include asset management, business environment, and risk assessment.
  2. Protect: The framework goes through a development and implementation process for applicable safeguards that guarantee the delivery of vital infrastructure services. Some of the categories included here are identity management, awareness and training, and data security.
  3. Detect: This function creates and applies all necessary activities needed to identify any occurrence of a cybersecurity event. The main categories involved here are anomalies and events, continuous security monitoring, and the detection process.
  4. Respond: Specialists implement the needed actions concerning an identified cybersecurity event. Its main categories include improvements, response planning, and mitigation.
  5. Recover: This involves developing and applying the necessary activities once specialists have responded to a cybersecurity event. Its primary categories are improvements, response planning, and communications.

The NIST cybersecurity framework also takes implementation tiers into account. These tiers help companies know whether or not their existing cybersecurity practices are in line with the NIST CSF.

What Organizations Need To Be NIST Compliant?

Organizations that handle controlled unclassified information (CUI) on behalf of the federal government are required to be compliant with NIST CSF. Manufacturers, service providers, contractors, educational institutions, and research organizations are included here. Both prime and subprime contractors as well.

Prior to bidding for a federal contract, these organizations must first apply the controls necessary in the NIST cybersecurity framework. From there, they need to maintain such controls from the start of the contract until the end.

Keep in mind that failing to maintain compliance will mean the termination of the contract. Organizations that aren’t compliant will also be taken out of the approved contractors’ list of the federal government.

Getting a NIST Security Assessment

CloudZen Partners is a third-party cybersecurity and compliance company that can guide you in navigating the NIST CSF assessment process. We can perform a formal assessment of your organization to see whether or not its existing protocols make it compliant with the NIST cybersecurity framework.

Our team will provide a custom assessment based on the unique risk profile and needs of your company. We’ll also take your procedures and policies into account when it comes to storing, processing, and sending CUIs. Your monitoring and incident detection programs are included as well.

CloudZen Partners provides the best NIST security assessment solutions to companies because we have a deep understanding of its requirements. Our team also has many years of experience handling unique requirements in various industries.

As your guide, we’ll make sure that you’re achieving the appropriate NIST standards regarding privacy and security. We’ll also ensure that all local, regional, and industry requirements for your organization are met.

Our NIST Assessments Are Part of Making You Fully Compliant

CloudZen Partners will help you achieve full compliance through our 360-degree approach. The first step could be the integration of your NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-171 assessments for initiatives related to your security, information management, and privacy.

From there, we’ll also incorporate your NIST CSF assessments with your FISMA certification efforts, ISO certification efforts, DOD CMMC initiatives, and DFARS compliance initiatives if you need them.

Additionally, you can rely on us to incorporate your NIST compliance efforts with any healthcare-specific assessment. This could be for HITRUST or HIPAA or other security initiatives like SOC 1 or SOC 2.

Thanks to our integrated approach, many companies have benefited from our streamlined compliance process. This can help you minimize duplicate requests and interviews while reducing the cost necessary to ensure compliance.

A Trusted Partner for NIST Security Assessments

Here at CloudZen Partners, we know full well how important it is to keep an organization safe from cybersecurity risks. There are many things that could cause problems to a company, and experiencing a data breach from cybercriminals is one of the worst.

That’s why we’re here to provide you with a robust NIST security assessment. Our process is designed to guide you through the process of implementing the NIST cybersecurity framework in your organization the right way.

The main purpose of obtaining such an assessment is to ensure that there are no gaps in your security status. All of the recommendations provided in your report are intended to fulfill your cybersecurity needs.

Since cybersecurity is a process that has to be managed continually, it’s only reasonable to get help from an outsourced expert

With CloudZen Partners, we can help maintain your security and compliance profiles to ensure your organization is safe, secure, and as risk-free as possible.

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