Regional Law Firm

Across Three states, with headquarters in Mobile, Alabama
Business size:
150 employers
Pain Points:
Lacked support and performance infrastructure
CloudServer,  CloudMail


The customer is a regional law firm located in three states, with 150 employees and is headquartered in Mobile, Alabama. The client was in the process of splitting away from its parent company. Upon splitting away from the parent company, the law firm was deeply unsatisfied with support and performance of their infrastructure. Its core line-of-business application was TrialWorks, a case management software system. Furthermore, they were hosting their production infrastructure out of a local data center with a local MSP.

Pain Points

One of the largest pain points for the customer was due to losing their prior MSP partner. During the split from their parent company, the customer was forced to take on support of their own infrastructure. This caused numerous issues due to the level of support and lack of ability to be reactive. They wanted full management, similar to what they already experienced with the MSP, as well as a similar back-end, patching, and updates. These were the key drivers in the law firm’s transition.


The law firm reached out to their trusted technology consultant with the request to explore options for a cloud solution. CloudZen’s team of experts analyzed the customer’s needs. The team put together a cloud solution to resolve performance and support issues, as well as provide cost efficiency and reliability. The provider was able to present a similar, and familiar, solution to what the law firm had in place, but complete with full management and support.


CloudZen Partners presented the client with a solution to address their pain points, proposing its Infrastructure as a Service solution, CloudServer. The provider was able to provide the law firm a similar solution to the one they had prior to the transition, which was a terminal server environment. While their new cloud environment was similar to their one prior, it boasted one major improvement. The provider included their world-class full management and 24x7x365 support, which was what the law firm had been missing. Providers management is unique in that it provides the customer with not just any-day, any-time support, but also complete management and monitoring of the customer’s systems including patching, updates, upgrades, and much more.

CloudServer is extremely scalable, allowing the law firm to be reactive as it experiences business changes. The law firm was also able to continue using its core line-of-business application, TrialWorks, in their new cloud environment.

Finally, the customer was provided Hosted Exchange offering, CloudMail, and the complete Microsoft Office Suite.

“The issue was less about the law firm’s existing solution itself, and more about the level of support and the ability to be reactive.”
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