Manufacturing and Distribution

Lost Angeles
Business size:
110 employers
Pain Points:
Problems with outages of existing systems, disjointed Active Directory


The customer is a manufacturing and distribution company that started with 600 users. However, they needed to bring 1800 additional users on board. Email has become a commoditized product set, and many organizations look to outsource it. The client had already outsourced Exchange to a different provider, but that provider was unwilling to upgrade them to Exchange 2013. The manufacturing company decided to switch to a provider that could deliver the latest version of Exchange.

Pain Points

The company was unhappy with its current Exchange provider, who was unwilling to upgrade the business to Exchange 2013. The client simply needed to move to this new version. Additionally, the manufacturing company had its budget cut down and needed a more affordable solution overall that included end-user support.


CloudZen’s team of experts analyzed the customer’s needs. Our provider is ahead of the curve when sending clients forward to the next version of software from providers like Microsoft. The client preferred to hand the responsibility to us, a Microsoft Exchange expert


CloudZen Partners presented the customer with a solution to address their pain points, proposing its Hosted Exchange Solution, CloudMail. The fully managed, multi-tenant CloudMail solution replaced the company’s current Hosted Exchange provider and upgraded the client to Exchange 2013. Moving to the multi-tenant environment reduced costs the organization was currently facing. User management was increasingly simplified due to the full-user support and management offered with CloudMail.

The organization realized instant savings by moving to providers CloudMail multi-tenant environment. The manufacturer was able to upgrade to the new version it desired, and the provider manages the entire environment, supporting user integration and management. Our provider conducted a smooth transition from the old Exchange provider to the multi-tenant platform without any issues or data loss.

“CloudZen is ahead of the curve when sending clients forward to the next version of software.”
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