Large Hospice

Business size:
Head office + 12 branches
Pain Points:
Lacked security, up-date-technology, a management and tracking system, and support


The customer is a large hospice located in Florida, with 400 client terminals across its head office and 12 branches. The hospice needed a hospice cloud to support its end users and manage the business effectively. Based on this need, it became clearly necessary that the client either con- tracted with a company to handle after hours end-user support, or brought in a managed cloud provider that could handle the entire desktop experience.

Pain Points

The hospice needed a higher level of security and a technology refresh. It lacked the advanced engineering skill sets to address these needs. Additionally, its company Help Desk solution was in-house and needed to be outsourced. The client also lacked a true management and tracking system. Business users were not receiving quick, efficient, or reliable service.

On-site resources at remote locations needed to be coordinated by a single organization that would set priorities, manage tickets, and as- sist with managing OEM’s like hardware manufacturers. All activities surrounding the desktop experience and the client’s private network needed to be monitored and managed around the clock. Without all of these activities, end users throughout the organization would ex- perience degradation in their ability to be productive because of the state of their technology tools and systems.


CloudZen Partners team of experts analyzed the customer’s needs. The cloud provider was tasked with developing a process in order to operate IT efficiently and effectively. Cloudzen Partners worked closely with the COO and IT team to develop a plan for transitioning services and supporting end users.


CloudZen Partners presented the customer with a solution to address their pain points, proposing a Cloud Desktop as the final product. The hospice moved its 400 client terminals, located across its head office and 12 branches, to CloudZen Partners highly scalable Cloud Desktop platform. Now, the hospice can provide its staff and contractors with the most advanced and secure Desktop as a Service platform, with quality application performance and support. A part of the hospice’s efforts to refresh its desktop solution, it decided to implement this service to reduce desktop management costs and prolong the user-terminal device life cycle. The new DaaS was built in a private environment to assure HIPAA compliance, too.

A Help Desk solution was implemented, enabling the hospice to have a single point of integration for support issues. All incoming calls were handled with defined processes, issues were tracked, and on-site resources were dispatched to address desktop issues. The solution streamlined order management, trouble ticketing, and the support system for end users.

The benefit of this transition was application security, performance and support. The revamped, cutting-edge platform has boosted the hospice’s ability to improve employee productivity and workload efficiency, and a empower a true mobile workforce. By monitoring all activities in a quantitative fashion, CloudZen Partners was able to reduce the overall cost of support activity. The hospice continues to use CloudZen Partners as their single point of integration, and views the cloud provider as the true solutions partner that was needed to maintain compliance and manage IT costs effectively.

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