Cloud Infrastructure Transformation with Cloudzen Partners: A Seamless Cloud Migration Journey

Upgrading to Exchange 2013 and Streamlining IaaS for a Manufacturing Company in Los Angeles
Lost Angeles
Business size:
110 employers
Pain Points:
Problems with outages of existing systems, disjointed Active Directory


A Los Angeles-based manufacturing and distribution company, with 110 employees, was seeking an efficient and affordable cloud migration service to accommodate their growing user base. They were facing issues with their existing systems, such as outages, disjointed Active Directory, and an outdated version of Exchange. Cloudzen Partners stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution that met their needs.

Challenges Faced

The company was unhappy with its current Exchange provider, who was unwilling to upgrade the business to Exchange 2013. The client simply needed to move to this new version. Additionally, the manufacturing company had its budget cut down and needed a more affordable solution overall that included end-user support.

Cloudzen Partners, a leading provider of cloud migration services, offered their expertise in IaaS and cyber security to the manufacturing company. Their team of professionals identified the client’s needs and presented a Hosted Exchange Solution, CloudMail, as the perfect fit. This fully managed, multi-tenant CloudMail solution replaced the company’s existing Hosted Exchange provider and upgraded them to Exchange 2013.

The Benefits of Cloud Migration Services

By moving to CloudMail’s multi-tenant environment, the organization saw immediate cost savings and a simplified user management process. This move also enabled the company to upgrade to Exchange 2013, which was managed and supported by Cloudzen Partners’ SOC cyber security team. The cloud infrastructure transformation was seamless, with no data loss or issues during the transition.

A Testimonial to Cloudzen Partners’ Expertise

The manufacturing company expressed their immense satisfaction with the results of the cloud migration by stating, “Working with Cloudzen Partners has been a game-changer for our organization. Their unparalleled expertise in IaaS, cyber security, and SOC cyber security has not only allowed us to seamlessly transition to the latest software versions but has also ensured the utmost data protection and streamlined management processes. The Cloudzen team has been responsive, professional, and consistently ahead of the curve, making them the perfect partner for our cloud infrastructure transformation. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to any business looking to upgrade and secure their IT environment.”


Cloudzen Partners’ cloud migration services enabled the manufacturing company to overcome their challenges and enjoy an upgraded cloud infrastructure that met their needs. Their expertise in IaaS, cyber security, and SOC cyber security made them the ideal partner for the transition. Businesses looking to enhance their cloud infrastructure can trust Cloudzen Partners to provide cost-effective, efficient, and secure solutions.

“CloudZen is ahead of the curve when sending clients forward to the next version of software.”
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