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Video Conferencing Myths That UCaaS Can Solve!

Business Voip, Technology

Facts Behind Top Videoconferencing Myths

Never allow a few fallacies hinder business success, collaboration gains, as well as savings. Know the fact behind the Top most 5 Telepresence Mythologies.

Find out real-world truths concerning:

* Usage of bandwidth.

* Cost.

* Intricacy.

* Experience of the user.

* Interoperability.

Find out fast how videoconferencing is quickly changing the manner in which individuals live, learn, and work easily, securely, and at reasonable cost.

Video Conferencing Top Five Benefits

Founded on discussions with clients, value-added resellers as well as analysts, outlined below are the top advantages offered to most organizations by video conferencing and unified communications.

Decreased costs of travel with UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)

In the globalized economy of nowadays, travel is regularly a requirement for leveraging opportunities of a fresh market. Travelling to distant locations to interact face-to-face with clients, colleagues, as well as partners is a longstanding ritual of business, and there is nothing that will ever substitute the impact and immediacy of face-face interactions. However, a big part of regular or routine business travels — with all their associated cost — can be eradicated through video communication. With huge enhancements in quality, accessibility, as well as simplicity of use, in addition to the capability to interrelate and exchange content in great definition, video conferencing today is near to “being there” since it is possible to get without really having to travel. Reduction of travel is the simplest cost to compute when finding out the ROI of investment of video conferencing. Basically, video ROI computes the number of journeys made yearly, multiplied by the price ( meaning transport to and from the airport, per diem costs, flight, earnings of time lost in the trips) against the video conferencing solution investment (tools, service, network, training). Most companies will see one expenditure of yearly travel costs far overshadowing the whole investment of video conferencing, effortlessly justifying the execution.

Improved productivity across distributed personnel and groups

Distributed personnel as well as and project groups pose several difficulties, none more misinterpreted than slow, lost or just absent communication between persons living in different localities. Majority of the teams interrelate through e-mail, telephone, instant messaging (IM), or applications of workflow. Nevertheless, with 80% of communication involving of non-verbal visual signals, the team’s capability to comprehend, process, and work together over distance through these techniques is at finest hesitant, and at worst, extremely hindered. Anywhere video is included in a meeting, those participating are more probable to remain attentive, since they are able to be seen and heard as well. Expressions of contentment, worry, misperception, comprehending and so on, can be noticed easily and dealt with, speeding and updating the team more efficiently compared to countless e-mails, IMs, and voicemails. The outcome: choices are made quicker, projects finished faster, and productivity improved all through the company.

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Enhanced hiring and top talent retention with UCaaS

Procedures of hiring can be very long and expensive, particularly when applicants are situated in other towns or when numerous individuals are taking part in the interview procedure. Companies that have video conferencing systems can lessen time and costs through bringing applicants into the nearby facility and letting interviews to be carried out in person as well as through video. In addition, video interviews can be recorded, allowing people who are not able to participate in the live interview procedure to see and assess the applicant through video. Communication over video influences worker retention positively. For instance, there is enhanced collaboration by permitting remote workers to become nearer quicker with other members of the group; assisting workers maintain work/life balance through lessening travel in order to spend more time with their loved ones; permitting workers to work full time or partly from home, to lessen the commuting impact; or just taking part in simultaneous face- to-face communications that are better-off and more rewarding compared to any other short of a face-to-face in-person meeting.

Upheld competitive advantage

Unified Communications through video provides numerous ways for building and upholding competitive advantage. Groups interacting through video exchange knowledge more broadly, leading to quicker and more knowledgeable choices that lessen the time to market for fresh services as well as products. Support groups influence video to build more individual, one-to-one relations with their clients, heartening an allegiance far beyond a customary call center agent’s abilities. Manufacturing companies utilize video conferencing and exchanging of content to authenticate quality of the product, make revisions, and guarantee accurateness all through the supply chain, whereas their rivals keep on depending on next-day service’s delivery. In addition, video allows sales managers to openly and instantly appreciate the pipeline’s status, past the rows on a worksheet. Departments of human resources as well as public relations can promote the company’s utilization of video as evidence of efforts of business to guard the environment, assisting to make sure they make it to the short list of favored vendors for ecologically approachability in competitive commercial or governmental bids.

Backing for ecological initiatives

Evidently, video conferencing is a “green” technology, permitting companies to alleviate use of energy through radically decreasing the requirement to travel. Through video communication, companies can as well considerably lessen their carbon footprint and aid guarantee a foundation for regulatory obedience. With equipment that offer an influential method to allow conferences as well as other video content to stream around the globe, workers, clients, students as well as partners can utilize video to interconnect, engage and interrelate with others at any time regardless of the distance, from anywhere they are.

For more info concerning how your company can profit from video conferencing, check: Unified Communications as a Service

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CloudZen is associated with the top ranked leaders in clear standards-based united communications and collaboration (UC&C) resolutions for video and voice partnership, which thousands of clients trust all over the globe. CloudZen solutions are driven inclusive software structure’s and great APIs that interrelate with the widest set of communication, cloud as well as mobile applications, business, and tools to provide safe face-to-face video communication.

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