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Scalable Deployment, Reduced Cost, Improved Mobility, Business Phone Systems, Cloud Based Solutions will unite offices, employees and customers.

The solutions of Unified Communications exist within the enterprise communication services of cloud integrate of real-time like instant messaging, mobility, voice, video and web conferencing, application integration, client interaction, desktop sharing, and lastly, data sharing across all types of devices.

This wide variety of solutions gives company exceptional customer experiences and the opportunity to shift from capital costs towards operational expenses. And this is associated with free software updates, management’s ease predictability in the monthly spending and it does not have yearly maintenance contracts.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Your company is both dynamic and undergoing a constant evolution, and this also applies to your customers. Its imperative for you to have a communication platform for keeping pace with customers’ and employees’ connection with your firm. Solutions offered by the Unified Communications as a Services are usually set for the daily business needs. Implementing communications solutions to every gadget of communication ranging from laptop to desk phone, to tablet or smartphone, will improve the productivity of your company.

The team working at CloudZen is capable saving not only your time and energy but also finances you would spend as they would rule out the Cloud-based Unified Communications solution that suits your company. The ginormous experience we have in this field enables us to work with every top provider throughout the nation in delivering a valuable, safe, and stable unified Communication Solutions.

The following are the roles that will be carried out by the CloudZen partners;

Assessing your needs and requirements as well as compliance concerns besides investigating out how your business utilizes the modern phone system. Again, they carry out an assessment of the interaction and communication processes between your business and customers, partners, and employees.

Understanding the location of every employee or office throughout the world since not every supplier of UCaaS has the ability of supporting and giving services to all geographies.

Understanding various use types in the company so as to determine solutions that are most cost effective and pricing strategies within the reach of upmost suppliers.

Finding solutions are scalable, highly reliable, fully redundant and with the ability of integrating with both your entire IT strategy and network.

Keying out the type platforms of the Cloud Unified Communication and the kind of suppliers that are the most suitable for your business and that are capable of rendering solutions. In addition, we will negotiate on the pricing as well as conditions in behalf of you.

Contact Center
as a Service



Contact Center as a Service solution offers modern communication devices that promotes interactions between your customers and your business and also helps in improving general customers’ experience so as to aid in delivering customer support that is of international level. It gives your company to have both contact center agents as well as supervisors in all parts of the world and have communication with the clients through email, voice, web, video, and chat on a highly secured platform. The contact centers based at Cloud are enormously scalable and are capable of significantly minimizing both operational and capital costs.

The team working at CloudZen is capable saving not only your time and energy but also finances you would spend as we will find the very best Cloud-based Contact Center solutions that best suits your company. The enormous experience we have in this field, assists numerous clients in getting appropriate contact center solutions for their companies. We partner with the leading suppliers throughout the nation and across the world in helping your business get the correct Contact Center Solutions.

The following are the roles to be carried out by the CloudZen Partners

Assessing both your needs as well as compliance and business requirements. Also assessing your business processes, cash flows and understanding the interactions between your business and your customers.

Identifying applications needed for integration with contact Center Solutions so as to help in maximizing operational efficiencies and customer interactions in every platform.

Realizing requirements for both call and reporting analytics to guarantee Cloud Contact Center’s maximum performance and results.

Investigating on the highly reliable, scalable and fully redundant solution that is capable of integrating with your entire network and also IT strategy.

Determining the suppliers who can deliver the required solution and our team also carries out pricing and conditions’ negotiation on behalf of yourself.