VoIP, SIP, PRI, dedicated
internet access, fiber,
ethernet, and POTS.

Traditional Voice Services
If your company is currently using an on-premise telephone system, you can count on the CloudZen team to make proper recommendations for the sort of system that is most suitable for your business. This holds water whether or not you are in need of PRIs, SIP, or Analog trunks.

There are those who are currently using Analog trunks and PRI but would want to make the switch to SIP. Ideally, SIP has transformed the manner in which companies communicate. This has extended to the delivery and procurement of voice services for business functions. The best part about SIP is that it enables easier sharing of resources across different locations, offers seamless fall over, and cut on the costs that are associated with the traditional PRI and Analog services.

The dedicated team at CloudZen has for years now been selling traditional services. This business has operated for many decades and thus the team has expertise to be able to make proper recommendations for your business.

In doing this, we will:

Figure out your existing telephone system and make the necessary voice trunking recommendations.

Categorize the service properly so that you are only paying for voice channels that you need to handle optimum call volumes.

Make sure that redundancy and fall over are inbuilt into all designs so that if an outage occurs in the network, the calls will still keep flowing in and out of the company.

Assist you with analog or POT lines cleanup and effective aggregation.

Internet Services
With the number of business critical applications being on the rise, many companies are adopting them. Video, voice, and cloud applications have become the main platforms for internet connection. It is necessary to have an effective reliable and scalable internet connection within the business so as to support the increasing demands and reliance on the internet. If you believe that having backup connections is necessary in your company, it is critical to make sure that you diversify your solutions as much as possible.

Whether you are using Ethernet, Fiber, Fixed Wireless, Satellite, Broadband, LTE or a combination of any of these, you can be assured of the best internet solutions for your company. A dedicated CloudZen partner can assist you.

Generally, CloudZen partners will:

Carry out a needs assessment and ascertain that your company has got the recommended amount of bandwidth to be able to support current and future needs.

Identify the internet services that are closer to your business and the sort of suppliers who can deliver the required services.

Locate a solution that is reliable, scalable and that can easily integrate into your existing network strategy.

Determine the most suitable suppliers who can deliver the right solutions at the right budget.

Design a diversified and highly available network to make sure your business does not lose connection to the internet.

To conclude, CloudZen Partners boasts high levels of experience in this internet area. The company has tools that can aid in determining service availability at all locations. This in turn saves clients’ time and the need to make phone calls to various service providers. CloudZen does everything so you do not have to.