Solution Design
and Architecture

Professional Consulting Services

This is for the development, procurement, and supervision of intricate IT and Telecom solutions.

First of all, CloudZen Partners has gathered the intellectual capital as well as official familiarity from more than 6000 Information Technology providers as well as deployment of Telecom solutions, and it is possible to put that to benefit to work for you. We have specialized consulting services that will assist to show you through the different projects that relate to the life cycle management of your IT environment as well as network.

Project Management
Development and execution of a detailed project plan for complex IT and Telecom solution implementations.

RFP Creation and Management
Gather requirements, write and manage RFP process, vendor engagement, negotiation, and selection.

Solution Design and Architecture
Custom solution engineering and architecture for the unique business requirements of your company.

Service Provider Sourcing and Selection
We recommend the providers that best fit your unique needs and help you make an informed decision.

Technology Roadmapping
Long-term planning to ensure the compatibility and seamless incorporation of emerging technologies in the future.

Telecom Expense Management
Professional Services and Telecom Expense Management services to establish and maintain inventory and spending.

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