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“Passionate About Advocating for
our Clients in the Jungle of IT Procurement”

Alana Haney | Co Founder

After 10 years of direct selling in Corporate America and lot’s of procrastination, we finally broke away from the bureaucracy of corporate and launched CloudZen Partners.Finally, the freedom to be vendor agnostic in solving your IT challenge vs. being dictated by a single provider to make their solution work for you.

Being an independent sales agent, my team and I work for you, the client. We have no hidden agenda, no quotas, NO BS! Our only agenda is to bring you unbiased recommendations from providers who best meet your project and budget requirements. Our clients leverage our years of experience, expertise and insider relationships to cut through the red tape and save hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars in resources.

Our services are completely FREE to you the client. We save our clients an average of 30-50% on overall IT spend and cut down procurement and research time spent on IT services by more then 50%!

CloudZen is here as your trusted advisor and partner. Reach out today for a complimentary consultation.

There are hundreds of providers out there, don’t get lost in the jungle!

Brian Miller

Brian brings 20 years of industry experience to the table as one of the founders of Bridgepointe technologies, a boutique master agent with one of the strongest reputations in the industry known for ethics of business practices and strength in provider relationships. Brian focuses his energy helping enterprise customers with their most complex and strategic projects. He works with Technology Advisors and their customers to understand IT and Telecom challenges, and collaborates to make appropriate recommendations to achieve desired results. Prior to Bridgepointe he held various sales and sales management roles at MFS, MCI, Qwest, and Telseon. Brian serves on many supplier advisory boards to share his insight on customer and market trends.

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John Bacon

John joined the Telecom industry in 2004 specializing in project management, RFP, quoting and on-going customer support. John has in depth knowledge of IT providers quoting and RFP process' and streamlines the process by obtaining critical pricing information to meet deadlines and budgets.

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