Large Lumber Manufacturer


The client is a large lumber manufacturing company based in Upstate New York with 21 locations throughout the Northeast. The organization was on a 420-user desktop platform with IBM and the environment was managed by an MSP. The client also had multiple in-house servers that they were struggling to manage while scaling and growing at a rapid pace. The manufacturer has a limited IT staff and desperately wanted to offload as many workloads as possible to enable the staff to leverage technology and drive innovation and revenue.

Pain Points

The client had multiple vendors that each managed a portion of the environment, which was tedious and caused frustration because many of the tasks and projects were not being completed in a timely fashion or at all. The manufacturer also had a $180,000 licensing spend due in January that they did not prefer to spend capital on. The organization was struggling with nagging technical issues with the Citrix desktops, primarily due to the MSP not having certified Citrix engineers on staff. The client desperately wanted a partnership and team of professionals that could accomplish consolidating the infrastructure (POS, server environment, desktops) and take ownership of the entire IT footprint, strategy and management.


CloudZen’s team of cloud experts met with the client in a series of discovery meetings. The lumber manufacturer wanted to select a cloud provider that would develop a strategy to operate and manage its IT environment efficiently and effectively, taking total ownership. CloudZen Partners team worked closely with the organization’s entire IT staff to develop and plan for the transition of services and support of end users.


CloudZen Partners presented the client with a total solution to resolve 100% of the pain points. The solution included taking over the 420 desktops with a Desk top as a Service solution. This very large support pain point was resolved by our provider with its team of on-staff certified Citrix engineers that the manufacturer now has direct access to. Our provider also replaced the majority of existing Microsoft licenses with SPLA, Office 365, and Citrix licenses that resulted in $207,000 annual savings. CloudMail also replaced the client’s existing email service, which consolidated the server environment by 42%.

The Desktop as a Service solution resolved 100% of the customer’s pain points, claimed complete ownership of the environment, and freed the IT team from ongoing, nagging, reactionary issues. Instead, the IT team can now focus on more innovative initiatives and projects that result in driving profitability for the company.