Disaster Recovery as Service- DRaaS

Our DRaaS Consulting is 100% Free. CloudZen Partners is vendor agnostic and guarantees to find the right recovery solutions while savings thousands of dollars and cutting Disaster Recovery procurement time by 50%. We are an extension of your time!

DRaaS providers are the leading cloud technology protecting businesses. Backup Data Recovery is gaining rapid popularity with improving capabilities and scalability. Disaster recovery as a service is the hosting and duplication of servers (physical or virtual) by a third party to provide a backup in the event of sabotage or natural catastrophe.

What CloudZen looks for in a DRaaS provider?

  • It can automatically back up essential systems and data
  • It can recover from disasters with minimum user interaction
  • It is also important that they have backup target options
  • They must also have a very flexible recovery option
  • They provide excellent, quality, and professional services. Moreover, they offer training procedures that are  exemplified through their Recovery Assurance Program
  • They also offer DRaaS solutions that are designed specifically for sensitive data and compliance
  • They have a more inexpensive solution
  • They are easy to use
  • Speedy recovery
  • Their client portal, Portfolio allows clients to manage their services costs, resources.
  • They have excellent performance with hybrid recovery configuration support and outstanding record in managing big business recovery configurations
  • They also have a flexible deployment scenario
  • Fully scalable


Zerto Virtual Replication is one of the most powerful business continuity solutions. Though can be expensive, it is suitable for small business. Zerto Virtual Replication is unable to protect the non-virtualized network. The Quorom onQ Hybrid Cloud Solution is a good DRaaS choice for business in search of disaster recovery and backup. A fantastic feature offered by Quorom onQ is the option of off-site protection plus the capability to store and execute VMs in the cloud in the event of a major failure. Bluelock provides Disaster as a Service for very complex environments and susceptible data that help different companies manage risks. Zetta Backup and Recovery offers a speedy and reliable option for severe Disaster Recovery service at an affordable price. While its Cloud Failover Component is not as flexible or polished as other DRaaS alternatives, Zetta is, however, a robust solution for the most common DRaaS situations. Though the Carbonite Cloud Backup focuses solely on restoring data after your networks had an extra bad day, they do that very well, and that’s one of the reasons why they are a useful data safety solution for smaller organizations. The Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is the best DRaaS service for businesses to minimize service downtimes due to unexpected interruptions. ASR initiates and manages disaster recovery for both physical and virtual servers. Considering the failover capabilities and primary storage if offers, the pricing of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is quite affordable. Sky data Vault manages the protection and recovery needs of its clients. The disaster recovery service provider offers direct to cloud (D2C) backup, hybrid DRaaS, and immediate back up to the cloud. 


  • They have a navigable interface that makes it easy to use.
  • It supports a variety of cloud options
  • It also converts between Amazon Web Services, Hyper-V, and VMware Virtual Machines.
  • It requires no complex setup for all level of user
  • It is fast and efficient
  • A secured back up to the cloud
  • It has its own data center
  • They have unlimited server licenses.
  • You pay less at the entry level
  • It’s easy to install
  • They have an excellent 24/7 cloud support
  • They have a software-specific backup/restore options 
  • The Microsoft Azure Site supports both Linux and Windows.
  • It supports VMware Virtual Machines
  • It also supports windows server and system management tools
  • They offer a direct to cloud backup
  • No upfront payment or additional hardware cost

CloudZen leverages on its insider relationships and expertise to the source. Technically speaking, on average, CloudZen’s white glove service can help you save 30-50% on overall spending and cuts down research and procurement.